No SoM Servers, yet?

Ive changed to BC Classic and something is updating as we speak.

Doesn’t start for another 2 and a half hours

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I thought 3pm today. Oh well.

Mine keep updating as well, all of them.

Classic, PTR and Shadowlands.

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Thanks for the info, it helped get me out of an anxiety loop :slight_smile:
Still have the update issue tho:

I started my rabbit hole just trying to log into the game but all my clients for all versions of WoW on all three of my accounts are constantly updating and once updated they update again…

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Mine keep saying “Reclaiming diskspace”.

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The original announcement said 3pm Pacific, but now the launcher says 6pm Pacific.


Nov11 -6pm PST servers should be avail for name res.

Nov16- 3pm pst servers launch

Nothing has changed.

2h 15m remaining for name res


they put all the classic era realms on the same page now, so i imagine the season of mastery tab will be added very soon

I’ve never seen anything in regard to when name reservations opens up. The launcher only says that Season of Mastery goes live on the 16th at 3:00pm PST.

One of the original posts did not include a time for the name reservation. Another one, which someone else pointed out to me in Discord did.

The original Blizzard announcement mentioned it with out detail. There’s a blue post floating around somewhere… I’m too lazy to link it.

Thank you, I found it. Had to go through Icey-veins though.

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The original post : WoW Classic Season of Mastery is Now Live!

Click full article. First world map shows time zones for launch

I cant even see anything to download and Im in Australia…Correct me if Im wrong but this is ANOTHER version of BC not the current BC classic OR…is it just a small update to the BC classic? Im very confused and its 10.17am in Perth.Starting to get frustrated because Im getting nowhere.

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Update: Pick World of Warcraft Classic/Get to Character Screen/Change Realm/Pick tab for SOM


The original game and Burning Crusade still remain flawed in crucial ways. There is no system in-game for organizing groups and doing the one thing that MMO’s were set up to do, namely play in massively multiplayer areas of the game. There are no guild advantages in-game aside from the ability to create a guild. There is no guild bank in the original game, making organizing groups the only reason to have a guild since joining a guild is the only way to organize anything in game. Cross-server looking for group and looking for raid functions did not exist until late in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, with patch 3.3.0 Fall of the Lich King . This makes dungeoning and raiding in both World of Warcraft and Burning Crusade the same kind of torture it always was, with one crucial difference.

More at:

I don’t know, I think spamming channels to look for members to run WC is part of the fun in engaging the community. Streamlining this to just become automatic is not necessarily an upgrade.

It isn’t nonsense to point out that hyping the still-broken vanilla game with D3 type seasonal play is just another profit-driven flogging of programming that was bought and paid for a decade ago. How about including the updates to the social environment that have proven to be useful to the players instead of just selling us new mounts and go fast stripes on the game that we already bought once?

I block spammers desperate to find a group to run with. The desperation is a problem, not a perk.

Huh, more nonsense.