No skip for opening 8.3 quest chain with alts

With two weeks to go for release of 8.3 I ran the opening quest chain again on my main, then on an alt over the weekend.

From start to the first mini-vision quest (obtaining the cloak just prior) it took me 2h 10m (video here: There’s more questing beyond this point. No skip for alts. Some of the quests may take longer after release because of other players. Lots of travel involved.

This is by far the longest patch quest chain I can ever remember. The fact it doesn’t enable skipping with alts is going to cause a lot of frustration. 2-3 hours is a lot to ask for each alt someone might want to play.


There should be a skip option for most of this like there is for the into to kultiris and zandalar.
If they don’t add one they are missing up.

Edit. My friend played through and said he skipped a lot of it. Most of the instance stuff I think he said.


A lot of it is doing your first invasions and visions snd the rest is brain off murder everything between a aand be.

There should be. But there currently isn’t.

Just wondering but why should there be a skip?

Just wondering.

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Because the quest chain is repetitive, tedious, and takes 2-3 hours. For previous patch quest chains there’s been a skip, though those chains have been much shorter endeavors. ~30-45 mins. Was expecting to find one here, and was greatly surprised there wasn’t one.


Why don’t you just not have alts and then this wouldn’t be a concern.

Or, accept the fact that every alt is a new character and needs an introduction into 8.3 content.


Or they could add a skip for alts, like they’ve done before.


If I don’t play my alts I will spend less time in game which is obviously a bad thing for the health of the game (not because it’s me in particular it’s the general idea) and there is no way I’m doing a 2-3 hour quest chain 9 times.
Hard pass.


Why don’t blizzard just stop butchering all customization and depth from classes and the overall game itself ?

Why don’t they fix the masses of dead talents so I’m not stuck in one talent config for M+ forever per spec ?

Why don’t they make professions worthwhile so there is something worthwhile on my character besides essences and gear that will be soon obsolete ?

Why don’t they tune/balance classes and specs more than joke token changes every 6 months ?

Blizzard only has themselves to blame for the masses of retail players that MUST play multiple characters actively to stay interested in the game, the same players who would be fine “maining” a character back in an expansion like MOP.

Outside of essences which will be obsolete instantly in patch 9.0 the modern retail game is structured top to bottom in a way that screams at the player “don’t try hard, don’t play seriously, don’t invest yourself in anything”.


It’s hard to tell if this is sarcasm or not. If it’s not:

People have alts. They aren’t going to stop having alts. They’re just going to stop playing the game. Yeah?

Also, if they enjoy going through content multiple times they will choose to do so voluntarily. If Blizzard tries to force people then people will, again, just not play the game.

You know this, I know this, everyone knows this. That’s why I think you’re being sarcastic but dang if it isn’t too early to brain properly right now.


I think it’s fantastic that we’re going to get a bunch of quests to do. Currently I just have WQs to do.

Same. I’m really looking forward to it. The first time. Maybe first 2 times.

I have 7 characters that I play (and others that are abandoned pre essences) at 120 though and I’m definitely not looking forward to doing it on my 7th character.


Nazjatar and Mechagon didn’t have a skip, but you can get through unlocking both in under 30 minutes.

8.3’s content takes quite a bit longer, so I could see wanting some way to speed it up.

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It’s both. I don’t play alts. I play this DH, and I play other games when I’m not playing WoW. I don’t have a problem with players who keep 5+ different characters, but I never saw the point of doing the exact same thing on a different character – leveling is the same, experiences are the same, and using a weapon in close combat versus throwing fireballs from 20yd away doesn’t qualfy to me as a difference.

So I don’t play alts. But that’s just me. All that being said, the likelihood that in the same moment that all this intro questline story is introduced, Blizzard would add skips for alts – maybe it happens in 8.3.5 but that it would happen at the same time that the content is first introduced?

No, they’re not. Different classes are, and can be, completely different experiences. There’s a tremendous amount that one can do in WoW, and doing them on one class or another can be a better, or more enjoyable experience. Maybe I just like playing various classes for RP or immersion? Maybe I like to play Melee for raiding and M+, but like to play caster in PVP? Maybe I prefer farming on a specific class, which isn’t the one I prefer to play otherwise? Maybe I’m just a completionist and like to collect all the things? Just because you don’t understand doesn’t devalue someone else’s opinion.


And I never said it devalued anyone’s opinions. Did you even read my post or just stopped as soon as you got to the quoted part?

I did read it. As I read your original post. You disagree, and I didn’t see the necessity you must have felt to disagree so forcibly in the first place. But each his own I suppose. Some times its best to not just say anything and move along. Yeah?


Rest assured you are in an extreme minority with that kind of viewpoint

At this point multi-alt gameplay is the only thing keeping a big portion of the remaining retail playerbase active


Starting 2020 off right, You’re my vote for most pointless and least alt friendly comments of 2019.