No resurrection in Eye Of The Storm

Been having this issue lately of not having a npc to resurrect my team in Eye of The Storm. This happened specifically to the res at Blood Elf Tower. My team was winning until they 1 by 1 took us out and took our insignias so we couldn’t body res.

to be more clear, yes we did have the base, people would die, get ported to the base and then receive no resurrection.

Yeah, this bug has been in the game since EotS forTBCC came out at least (I’ve heard about it in Retail too), with bug reports, and still not fixed. :frowning:

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Can y’all fix this crap already? It’s pathetic.

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Just have your healer start rezzing people? Lol. Seems simple enough

Assuming “your healer” can somehow 1v15 to begin res’ing, your insignias are gone so they can’t. This is some minimal effort trolling.

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Is something wrong with that person?

You don’t really pvp much do you?

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