No Refunds - Seeking Semi Hardcore Raiders Only

Hey all, Gloombolts here! I help run No Refunds, an Alliance guild on Stormrage - US.

Our guild is filled with a bunch of returning veteran raiders from previous expansions with some server first kills in different parts of World of Warcraft’s history. We tell you this not to gloat, but to assure you of our credibility as raiders.

About us We would classify our guildmates as semi-hardcore raiders. We all have a ton of experience under our belts. We aren’t brand new. We also aren’t elitist, toxic, sexist, racist, we don’t age discriminate, (most of us are older), we don’t yell, scream, or harass people here. Not big on guilt tripping, getting political on people, griefing, putting others down. But please don’t misinterpret our message here. We still want you to be yourselves, joke around, troll us a little. Have a good time here, make friends! We are a raiding guild, yes, but also a community guild. We strive to bring back that old school Vanilla WoW and Burning Crusade feel where everyone knows each other and we do more than just getting on every week to raid.

Semi-Hardcore Defined (I can’t believe I have to define what this in 2020 but here we go). We aren’t hardcore. That’s five to six days a week eight to ten hours a day. We’re Semi-Hardcore. Meaning we raid two to three days a week for a minimum of six hours or a maximum of nine hours. This also means we expect perfect attendance if you’re joining a Mythic raid team. Know your class, your spec, positioning, have the proper raiding addons. If this sounds new to you, please don’t apply. We aren’t a casual guild, thank you.

Although we take raiding pretty seriously in the time we can raid, we are not toxic tryhards. We don’t want those type of Semi-Hardcore people here. Look elsewhere if this is you.

We have 76 (seventy-six) raiders and are looking to get to 160 (one-hundred and sixty). We are building up Raid group 5, 6, 7 and 8 at this time.

Disclaimer for group 5. Starting on Normal then Heroic.

Group 6, 7, and 8 will have times, days, and what they are seeking below. But please be mindful. They only want people at 465/470 with all essences rank 3 and healing or dps is ready to go. Cloaks at 15, corruption resistance near max. We don’t want brand new people.

Group 1 - LOCKED. Don’t ask.

Group 2 - 3/12 Mythic - Thursday, Friday, Saturday - 9:00 pm to 12:00 am EST/SERVER

Group 2 needs an Assassination Rogue and a Havoc Demon Hunter. Be 470 or higher. Your essences at rank 3. Your cloak at 15. Come be a trial. You might see some stuff, you might hear some stuff. But I promise you’ll have a good time.

Group 3 - 12/12 AOTC - Some people on the team have a lot of Mythic kills. Thursday and Friday - 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm EST/Server. Basically ready for Mythic just looking for a few players ready to commit to the progression.

Group 3 needs a Holy Paladin or Restoration Shaman and a Shadow Priest or Balance Druid. Be 470 or higher. Your essences at rank 3. Your cloak at 15. Come be a trial. You might laugh your face off at the jokes that happen in this group. Great group of people that take raiding seriously and are very funny on top of it.

Group 4 - Fridays and Saturdays 9:30 pm to 12:30 am EST/Server

NOTE This group is starting on Normal. This group is still Semi-Hardcore. They are still catching up and they don’t want flakes. They don’t want people who think they might want Mythic once the group is in Heroic on farm. You either want it or you don’t. Be honest with us and yourself. We won’t waste your time, this is not our priority. We just want to play and down bosses. Come see if this group makes sense for you. They’ll be in Normal for a week or two then Heroic. This group is building its foundation for now and Shadowlands.

Group 4 is seeking the following:

Enhancement Shaman
Assassination Rogue
Unholy Death Knight
Shadow Priest
Destruction Warlock
Elemental Shaman

Everything else in Group 4 is locked. Don’t reach out to us for any other spot please. Thank you!

Group 5 is going to be our morning Mythic raiding team.

They’ll be going on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM EST

They need everything. This group will not go until it has twenty members. This group is primarily being built for Shadowlands.

This group has a geared Brewmaster Monk, everything else listed is what we are seeking. For your information: We expect you to apply if you are 465/470 with your cloak at 15 and your essences at rank 3. Please, don’t lie to us in the interview process. This group is going to go once it is formed. With twenty people. Meaning while you wait you can be a floater for the other groups or run some serious mythic plus with our established teams. So when you apply you better be ready to wait till the group is formed. Thank you.

1 – Protection Paladin – TANK
2 – Restoration Shaman – HEALER
3 – Restoration Druid – HEALER
4 – Holy Paladin – HEALER
5 – Mistweaver Monk – HEALER
6 – Havoc Demon Hunter – MDPS
7 – Enhancement Shaman – MDPS
8 – Fury Warrior – MDPS - SEEKING
9 – Assassination Rogue – MDPS
10 – Unholy Death Knight – MDPS
11 – Feral Druid – MDPS
12 – Retribution Paladin – MDPS
13 – Destruction Warlock – RDPS
14 – Shadow Priest – RDPS
15 – Balance Druid – RDPS
16 – Fire Mage – RDPS
17 – Beasthunter – RDPS
18 – Elemental Shaman – RDPS
19 – Marksman Hunter – RDPS

Group 6 is our late night Mythic raid team! When I mean late. I mean late okay forum people of WoW? That means Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays from 11:30 pm to 2:30 AM EST/Server all three days. We know that sounds crazy. But some people want this. So apply if you want to be a crazy boss killing night owl. WOOT! Or should I say hoot? Can I even say that? Blizzard I love you! (A quick message from the post editor, our GM is not crazy I promise. Just a little kooky that’s all)

The Havoc Demon Hunter spot is filled at 8/12 Mythic. He expects you to bring your A game. Don’t let him down.

For your information: We expect you to apply if you are 465/470 with your cloak at 15 and your essences at rank 3. Please, don’t lie to us in the interview process. This group is going to go once it is formed. With twenty people. Meaning while you wait you can be a floater for the other groups or run some serious mythic plus with our established teams. So when you apply you better be ready to wait till the group is formed. Thank you.

Raid Rules Here at No Refunds we are pretty chill when it comes to rules. However due to some recent events that we’ve noticed, we have Officers, Raid Leaders, Raid Assists and Veteran Raiders who notice toxicity and drama bombs from a mile away. We don’t tolerate that in guild, definitely not in Raid. If you are brand new to a Raid group, we expect the following from you:

  1. Don’t tell the Raid Leader how to lead. You can offer a different strategy to them before or after the raid. Our Raid Leaders are very open-minded and have no problem learning from other experienced players.
  2. Don’t talk over the assists or correct them on something they already know. If a Raid Leader misses a week because of an emergency or computer/internet issues, do not take it upon yourself to lead our raid. If we need some assistance from you in this regard we will approach you if we feel you are capable and/or ready. The Raid Assists will take over though.
  3. Don’t play the “he said she said” game with us. If you are brand new to the guild, even if you roll with us for a long time, we know how to recognize and root out toxicity and drama. We are very quick to act. So please refrain from joining us if this is something you enjoy doing on a daily basis. We are not a good fit for you if that is the case.
  4. Be on early and on time for our Raids. We provide your flask, food, and pre-pot raiding materials.

Raid Attendance Here at No Refunds, we appreciate people’s real life schedules over World of Warcraft. Whether it’s a demanding job even during this scary pandemic, marriage, kids, or you just need to take a mental health day. All you have to do is @ us in your specific discord chat channel. The raid leader, raid assist, officer, and raiders all know at the same time you can’t make it. - This mindset for the guild is for Normal and Heroic Raiding - Mythic is full attendance and on time. NO EXCEPTIONS. Unless a real life emergency occurs. The Mythic Raid team will understand! Real life > WoW.

Guess what? You won’t be benched, replaced, yelled at, drama bombed, none of that stuff. You just come back the next day or next week. Going on a vacation, wedding, or job schedule shift? No problem! Just @ us in your respective raid channel the days and times you’ll be gone and when you get back. We will be there to greet you when you get back! That’s it! Simple as that.

@ing us in the right discord channel for your raid group is our one rule in guild though. If you can’t @ us in your respective channel days ahead of time or hours ahead of time. We aren’t going to remove you from guild. However these groups are farming heroic for mythic or pushing mythic. So if you want to mythic raid here, it isn’t going to get dramatic, but we are Semi-Hardcore. That means when it’s raid time, it’s raid time. If you are in a normal or heroic group, people can manage, but when the rosters are locked for Mythic, RAID TIME IS RAID TIME. No exceptions. So if you fail to get @ us in your respective channel, don’t show up to raid, are consistently late, etc. Don’t be shocked if you get replaced. We are not going to hold 19 people back because you can’t commit to a very simple structured rule set.

We understand if a real life emergency happens. That is way more important than WoW. But do not mistake us, if real life emergencies are happening every week, every raid day, we will eventually ask you to take a (temporary) seat. So please don’t take offense, we have raiders to look out for.

Loot Rules We don’t have any. We just suggest you help your fellow raid members. Example: You get three or four best in slot pieces in one night. If one of them is another raider’s best in slot. Give them one piece. Be the bigger person. No one is going to force you to give away that piece. Just be cool. Be an adult, a team player and help progress as a guild and raid group. Again, simple as that!

Closing statements We plan on having 8 raid groups in Shadowlands all pushing Mythic content for every tier of the expansion. We will have 20 Mythic+ groups taking guildmates to finish keys. After we accomplish this task, the guild plans on locking down those rosters and groups. We are organized with the goal of downing content in a timely manner. We don’t intend to grow any larger than that. We don’t want to become a super guild. We want to be an intimate size guild that also takes Mythic level content seriously but in a non-toxic like manner.

All the Raiders, Raid Leaders, Raid Assists, Recruiters, M+ Council Members, Officers and Co-GM’s know everyone pretty well here. If you intend to apply to our guild please seriously evaluate if you match up with our goals both as a progression based group and a toxic free community environment. Be honest with yourself and us. We know who we want playing with us and who we don’t want playing with us. This isn’t to turn you off to joining us. It is intended to make sure you seriously consider what we have told you here. If you have any questions concerning this or if anything is unclear please have those questions ready for us during the interview process. We will be happy to clarify.

As you know by now. We’ve come back to the game late. We are building our foundation for Shadowlands. While downing as many Heroic and Mythic bosses as possible coming back to the end of an expansion. We want a great community. We’d love to have you with us. If this guild sounds like a good fit for you: A drama free community, who doesn’t ask for much, wants you to have fun. Down Mythic content without all the yelling and immature antics. We are No Refunds and we are sure if you roll with us you won’t have buyer’s remorse. Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing from you.

Please message Gloombolts, Peq, Thermalbot, Sólemn, Nightmãre, Sunshïnë , Illia, Underjoyed, Averagesteve, and Azhorratha if you want to talk with us on the server Stormrage - US (Alliance).

You can add me on real ID: Rhyan#11764
Discord: Venris#3529

Have a good day everyone! Hope to hear from you soon!

No Refunds!!!


Join this guild or the Elements will kill you. They told me so.

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Hi, I’m Sanckify and this is my favorite guild in the alliance.

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What a sec are you Commander Snackify?

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Join in on the fun, we’ve got something for you.

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Great group of like minded players!

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Days and times for everyone!

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Survival hunters are the best hunters

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