No Reason Why The Slime Cat Shouldn't Be In LFR

Nobody is saying they have to, they are probably feeling they should.

My fear was that since these are old raids that raiders are probably tired of, it would get harder and harder to get into raids as the heroic and mythic people have their rewards and there would be no reason to continue.

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Agreed, I thought the official ‘reason’ was stupid. Although I do understand it to a point. Take ZM rares for example. If I decide to go back there and clear the rares for transmog, it’s going to be super annoying for me on my epic flying mount if a group of Dracthyr players just soar across the map and not only get to the rare, but completely murder it, before I get close.

Which means I gotta camp that spot and wait. Which may take a while if it’s not a rare that spawns on a regular basis.

Post-nerf they can still get there pretty quickly, but I might be able to get a tag in before the rare dies at least, because they’re still moving fast, but not over twice as fast as I can move.

Hopefully they revert the nerf after they get an idea as to whether or not Dragonriding is going to be a piece of evergreen content (which I hope it will, and that it becomes available for every mount).


As far as the soar nerf goes what I think they should do is revert the nerf to soar and make a video on Youtube of a regular character on fastest flying mount possible and a dragon then have a race see who can go from the top of EK down to the bottom and see who wins.

I know the flying mount will win all the time because the dragon will need to stop and regain air to soar.

And I’m linking the IA post to show that in this case, they didn’t.

a soar race is a good idea

Highly highly disagree. Everyone can have an opinion but that doesn’t mean it’s valid.

You have to prove that your opinion is informed enough to count as anything more than wild guessing.


Valid to whom? To the person having said opinion I am sure it is very valid.


There’s this thing called credibility.

Someone who doesn’t raid can’t have a valid opinion on raiding.
Someone who doesn’t do mplus above 15s can’t have a valid opinion on 15s.

If you don’t do the content or have any clue what you’re talking about then you don’t have a valid opinion on the subject.

sometimes a waving ur arms opinion is fun too, i think we forget that

I will say this, I had a hard time getting into a Normal group, even though I had a great ilvl. Each week it was something else, so I get it, but that being said, I see lots of people with mounts I don’t have or never will have. I’m a collector so they mean a lot to me. But they earned them by doing content I am not willing to hassle with. It’s my choice to not bang my head on Heroics, Mythic raids, or dungeons. The mount is the reward FOR the hassle. It’s crappy Blizz changed course but if you want it, do the work. I had to. You should too.

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invincible does occasionally haunt my dreams

Blizz never changed course. The mount was never going to be from LFR and people seem to not understand this.

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well…there are some counterpoints in the water in the leadup

i do think that is one of the coolest tabards snoz

People making assumptions based on an achievement wording is just that an assumption. Considering there was never any official statement saying that LFR was getting the mount there is zero evidence that supports LFR getting the mount.

The actual official response clarified that LFR was not getting the mount.

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that is a solid agruement snoz, thanks for the info

Put the cat in LFR and save the headache.

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No. They should not cave to the endless crying of solo players.


I thought it was a moral victory for LFR players that the mount was bad and that they actually! had the last laugh MWAHAHA!?

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