No realms Available


Welp, not the first person to post this and most likely not the last. Yay! Cannot wait to be ignored by the devs as well…

Anyhow! I have a problem logging in, with not getting past the log-in because of a well-known error.

What I tried:
-Deleting my WTF and Cache Folder
-Scan and Repair
-Deinstall and Reinstall
-Contacting a GM who:
–Deleted my current license and created a new one.
–Told me to do everything I previously did again.
–Pointed me here to be ignored by devs with everyone else.

Quite honestly, I am sick and tired of this. If Blizz does not fix this in the next week I will ask for a refund of my money since I cannot play what I want to play because of their inability to keep ontop of things.

If anyone else finds the answer to this mess, I would appreciate your help in resolving it, since the devs are sure to not even give a single note to us and tell us what the hell is going on.

I mean, as long as the streamers can play to keep advertising their game all is good.

To keep this up to date, my error turned from the usual ‘No realms are currently available’ error to the ‘You have been disconnected’ error. Where I try to log in, it takes a few seconds and then disconnects me.


I feel 100% the same as you. Just looking at this forum the majority of the posts are about this exact issue. I have not seen a single Blizzard response. I am also going to be asking for a refund soon.
I have not been paying $15 a month for nearly 10 years to be ignored by the company I’m paying.


Just popping in to see if anyone has had any luck getting on…


Is it even possible to ask for a refund for this xpac? bcuz I will ask for one in a heart beat. I’m done


Even if these posts don’t fix the problem, I’m posting to keep this issue relevant so that a Blizz rep might see and respond to one of these.


Back after my account was put on hold, apparently telling a troll to get lost because she kept rubbing in our faces how she was able to get on PTR and loves her new mage is a higher priority to Blizz then actually dealing with this stupid Login issue.


Can’t believe you were put on hold for that. That person you mentioned is constantly downplaying the direness of this problem and should be the one reprimanded instead. It also really sucks that it wasn’t fixed during the Tues. reset. Blizz is just twiddling their thumbs while there’s clearly work to be done.


They also put me on hold for calling blizzard out. W/E man, I also hate that person too btw.


Yeah, it is like: GOod for you, you get on PTR, now do you have anything HELPFUL to add to this thread? If not, get lost and go play PTR while we STILL try to get Blizz to answer or fix this god-forsaken login issue which seems to me will not be fixed until 8.1.5 goes live.