No realms available?


It is an authentication error. I have gotten the same connection logs (see below) after every attempt on every region I have tried since the day the PTR launched. I have tried uninstall/reinstall for ptr ad then everything Blizzard on my comp. My portal shows as “Test”. I have gone through the launcher and ran the exe file on its own as administrator.

1/17 18:48:13.959 Connection Initialize
1/17 18:48:20.553 Glue Start Login
1/17 18:48:20.554 BattleNet Attempt Logon
1/17 18:48:21.038 BattleNet Front Connected
1/17 18:48:21.228 BattleNet Logon Queue Update
1/17 18:48:21.338 BattleNet Logon Complete
1/17 18:48:21.528 BattleNet Game Account Name
1/17 18:48:21.528 BattleNet Attempt Complete Login
1/17 18:48:21.868 BattleNet Realm List Ticket
1/17 18:48:21.968 BattleNet Sub Region List
1/17 18:48:22.288 BattleNet Last Played Char
1/17 18:48:22.398 BattleNet Last Played Char
1/17 18:48:22.398 BattleNet Last Played Char
1/17 18:48:22.398 BattleNet Last Played Char
1/17 18:48:22.728 BattleNet Realm List
1/17 18:48:22.838 BattleNet Realm List
1/17 18:48:22.838 BattleNet Realm List
1/17 18:48:22.838 BattleNet Realm List
1/17 18:48:22.838 Glue Fatal Error: 2147483957
1/17 18:48:22.838 BattleNet Defer Disconnect
1/17 18:48:22.838 BattleNet Front Disconnecting
1/17 18:48:22.919 BattleNet Front Disconnected
1/17 18:48:26.992 Connection Destroy


Everyone here is complaining about how the PTR isn’t available for the majority of us, myself included, but quite honestly, complaining isn’t going to fix anything faster than being patient, since the cause of there being no realms to connect to could very well be much more complex than you all think.

Y’all seem to forget that nothing is going to be perfect once released to the public, as is the typical nature of most releases and launches of anything.

Quite literally the whole purpose of the PTR, as you all know, is to test new stuff and make sure it works. The fact that some can log in and others cannot is why there’s a PTR. It shows that there is potentially with the code contained within the Realm server(s), which if it had made it’s way out of PTR and into Production, would have been a lot worse for them.
Instead of whining about it, be grateful that this isn’t an issue with the Production version instead.

That’s just how I see it.


From what I understand about how the servers are ran (which is most likely very inaccurate compared to what Blizzard employs), it’s not the Auth server that is the issue. If it was, you wouldn’t even be informed that no realms are available. It’s simply kick you out immediately after logging in without any form of message about realms.

Something is acting up either on the Realm server or in the client itself.


Almost 2 weeks of ptr and still not fixed…


Well, you are seeing it wrong. This issue shouldn’t have been a issue to begin with, and the issue should have long since been fixed. We are still waiting 2 weeks after PTR launch now and still, nothing. Not a blue post, not a fix in sight. Nothing. Just people like you defending lazy programmers who should be fired for such a mistake.


Still waiting on a reply blizz zzzzz


A problem a lot of people are getting with blizz having done nothing to correct it in these last 2 weeks, no response no communication.

(Jaheira) #150

Yes, and with ZERO communication…the PTR for Patch 8.1.5 is practically a POOR marketing strategy… If Blizzard wanted to fix this issue, and let MORE people test the bugs in the PTR and more, Blizzard WOULD answer! Patch 8.1.5 is practically the main reason people bought Battle for Azeroth for to begin with, because Zandalari Trolls AND Kul Tiran Humans were the FIRST Allied Races to be announced, at Blizzcon 2017. Poor marketing strategy, Blizzard. You’ve done it again!


While I do agree it should have been fixed by now and that there should have been some form of communication happening (I’m not excusing that part at all), I still stand with belief that it could very well be an issue that is more complex to fix than you would wish to believe.

Another thing I’d like to note is that I’ve seen some people getting mad because there are bugs in the first place. Bugs happen. You can’t fix em all and sometimes just fixing one creates more. It’s a never ending thing.

(Kneeshooter) #152

Its ok, with repeated attempts to try to get into the PTR since installing it about a week ago, I have now given up and am uninstalling it. No use trying, really.


Me: Maaan i wish i could play a zandalari troll, but they’re STILL not out yet. What?They’re on the PTR? Sick I can play a zandalari troll and help point out bugs.

PTR: No game servers are available.

Me: My dissapointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.


I’m… not a new player, actually, and same problem. I was even in BfA beta, reporting bugs like a madman, and I’d love to do it again, especially with all the many that got through anyway.
I fully understand that bugs are a part of the process, which is why I haven’t said anything until now. But several weeks of the bug being “many people cannot access testing whatsoever, seemingly at random” merits at least the vaguest explanation, I think.
So, yeah. Bump.

(Morihaus) #155

I find this whole thing weird. I have never had problems testing in an mmo test server before for more than a day in any other mmo. Other games I played usually has someone from the company tell you on the forums that they are looking into it and they are working to fix it. Then they tell you if you’re still having problems accessing ptr to post in the thread and they will investigate.

Here it has been weeks and nothing. No access to ptr or communication. It isn’t really a problem as it is a test server but still seems below average for any other major mmo i’ve played. The other ptr’s i’ve used they really wanted people to find bugs, test features, give feedback, or just do theory crafting for the upcoming builds. WoW just feels subpar in regards to their ptr.

(Rautha) #156

are people still having issue accessing the servers?

i really wanted to try zandalari but not sure if i want to clutter my harddrive if i"m just goin to get server errors non stop every time i try to log on.

I’m not even sure how to access the ptr normally and with all the bugs getting in it is discouraging me from becoming a beta tester (which i have never done before).

hoping they get it fixed by the time brawler’s guild is open for testing.


Levíathan, since you stated you have absolutely nothing to do with the PTR, could you please let THEM answer? Since you said there’s no way you can have any kind of idea, could you please stop talking about it?


Yep, it’s still there


as of 6:39pm PST 1/20/2019 I cannot access PTR, but several of my friends are on it right now and having no issues. this is frankly, super annoying and depressing - since I busted my bum alpha and beta testing BFA…

(Lyphe) #160

It’s PTR. That means ‘test realm’. Meaning, things are understood to be broken at times so they can find the errors and fix them before live.

It’s a bit childish to expect PTR to run flawlessly just because you have helped test previously.


Yeah people can understand if something is broken, but this is almost week two with no word at all and the same issue (one that’s a little obvious if you glance at this section on the forums). People can’t even log in. It’s been a frustrating waste of time.

No acknowledgement that there is a problem, no post saying that they’re working on it, just silence. People have tried twitter and tickets as well only to be told to come here, post and get ignored.
It’s kind of insulting.


Couldn’t agree more