No realms available?

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I’m surprised how they manage to screw everything up, it’s almost funny


almost is the key word here.


Yeah honestly this has been an issue for me about 2 weeks same thing ive made many many tickets many forums and no light was shed on this it leads to a lot of frustration I Don’t understand my friends are on it today but It wont let me be on it? and I see youtubers playing it but for some reason I cant get on it. The PTR should honestly be what we want it to be? A test for new content, a test for rough drafts. We pay to play. I am not trying to be rude but we do pay, for the game we love.


Blizzard has the worst problem with communication, and it isn’t our fault but we still pay the price of having to wait we still get ignored, our problems go unanswered and people get frustrated, of course we get frustrated we pay to play we want content we want to test new things and give feed back, its all apart of the game we love so why wouldn’t we wanna do this tell us whats going on and tell us whats going to happen? its not very hard, I am a player since vanilla and ive never had more trouble with this game till recently.


Bumping, hopefully we get at least a response soon, so many of us who just want to help blizzard test just getting blatantly ignored.

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same error for me

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Same error here. Tried every support article and “fix”. I’d really like to test the state of Ret paladin dps and cleave with the new 5 ring gear. Oh well. Nothing to do but keep trying in between queues on my lowbie monk.


I doubt that.
Nevertheless, at least they should post something like “we are working on it”…


It honestly baffles me why it’s so difficult for them to even acknowledge it? Literally say anything? Even a “We are aware of this issue and are looking into it” would be more than enough for me.


Still not working for the 3rd day


I’m hoping that they’ll fix it next Tues maintenance (or earlier), as that’s a week after it was released. As far as I know, no one has been able to resolve this issue. Is it that certain accounts are ‘blacklisted’ to reduce traffic? I have no idea. Would be very helpful if a blue would post something about this.


First time trying to play on the PTR. Trying to log in and keep getting " No Realms Available. Still no Fix?

Only thing I have tried doing is uninstalling and reinstalling, it didnt help.

Edit: 3 of my friends are having no issue with playing on it.


I’m struggling with this error as well. I believe it’s if you’ve recently signed up for the PTR and downloaded it. I haven’t heard of this error popping up from any of my friend group that has participated in the PTR in the past.


Yeah, That makes sense that they’d forget to add an essential file that they just assumed everyone had. If this is the case, if you could get the files from one of your friends, (but keep your wtf folder) and replace them with your own, it might work.


Same here :frowning:


I believe that you are right. Since the new system copies our currently downloaded WoW files to make the PTR folder, its possible that this new system forgot an important file. Its why PTR users of old aren’t having this problem.


Bump again

I think you guys may be on to something as well.
This is my first time trying to participate on the PTR.

It would make sense that people who have already downloaded the PTR have an essential file that we may be missing with the newer downloads.

Really hope this gets a little attention tomorrow. An actual response from a blue on this would be ideal.

Can it be fixed?

Will it be fixed?

There are inquiring minds who would like to know.


That’d make sense. I had the PTR awhile ago but it disappeared for some reason prior to 8.0, and I had to reinstall it.


Yeah, this feels like the sort of thing one of devs needs to adjust, and they were likely off over the weekend.

Live support isn’t going to be able to help with non-production (retail) issues.


Well they had a few days before the weekend hit to try and address this, but once the weekend did hit I knew nothing was going to get fixed until Monday.

Still wondering if it’ll be fixed at all though. Any word would be nice. Even if it won’t be fixed… I’d like to stop trying. Although I’m almost there anyways.

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