No realms available?


Just got the client but get ‘no realms available’ when I try to connect. Thoughts?

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It seems like there’s a few people having this problem, I even made a post myself.
I wish there were some kind of explanation… (blizz notice us plz)

(Albricksen) #3

Probably just going to have to wait until the next build or two for this to get fixed.

(Kelsuwä) #4

I myself cannot login at all. Still getting the WOW51900309 error. Really annoying.


This has been happening to a friend and I for almost 30 minutes now, but recently had someone else get in with no problems. I just wanna check the new models out blizz… :{

(Kelsuwä) #7

What get’s really frustrating is when you speak to someone from support after opening a ticket and essentially told they can do nothing and to come back here and post again on the forums. I mean really?


I’m sad to say that there isn’t much I can do directly to help out with this. Game Masters do not directly assist with the PTR. We only provide support for the live version of the game. Any problems you are having with accessing the PTR would need to be reported on the PTR forums here.

(Levíathan) #8

Of course.

The PTR is under control of QA, completely separate from the live game.

Many lose sight of the PTR’s purpose. It’s to load up rough drafts for testing. It’s not for early access to future content.

Hence, holding the PTR to the same standards as the live isn’t appropriate. It leads to things like your frustration. Except it’s over something that isn’t meant to be fully functional yet.


Same. Would like to test changes but cannot get in.


no realms available (WOW51900309) =/

(Kelsuwä) #11

I fully understand the purpose of a PTR and how QA works. I’ve done plenty of beta tests closed and open for games, including WoW since BC. But when it comes to this it’s very hard to give any feedback or do any testing when you can’t access the environment let alone get any support for the issue.

(Levíathan) #12

The PTR just came up; you will eventually get in and be able to provide those things. As for support, again, the support is literally the process of development.


There is a certain level of technical mishap regarding the PTR to be expected, but with so many people unable to even access the PTR, I believe it is at a level which is not acceptable. The one thing on the PTR that should be guaranteed is access to servers. Without that, the whole purpose of the PTR is gone.

(Levíathan) #14

That presents a problem where people apply their own personal goalposts instead of those that Bliz places.

If the test client you downloaded won’t connect to the game service for whatever reason, that was testing. Sure, you weren’t able to access anything in-game, but obviously people need to consistently reach that point first. And that’s done by testing the ability of the two parts to interact properly.

In this case of people not being able to get into the game, the PTR precisely served its purpose.


And apparently you do know theses “goalposts”. Thank you for telling us it’s working exactly as intended. I would have thought it wasn’t if you hadn’t enlightened us all.

(Levíathan) #16

And you should too: testing all aspects of the new code contained in the test client.

Again, Blazen, it’s right in the realm’s name.


I have not been able to log into the ptr because of this error since I installed it many hours ago. I haven’t played ptr before so my knowledge is pretty barren of this, but does this mean I will be unable to access the ptr for it’s duration due to network/computer/whatever incompatibilities or whatever it is?


Can we get any real updates here? And nothing to do with a snarky Green?

(Beyzen) #19

Id like to test the new stuff too… but same issue


Would be nice if Blizzard Acknowledged the issue so many of us are having! It’s been like this for almost 2 weeks for me.


Is there somewhere to track the realm status for the PTR?