No physical collectors edition for Australia?

I just got a call from EB Games (biggest computer gaming outlet in Australia) advising they won’t be getting any physical copies of the Shadowlands CE.

Could support advise if this is correct and how we then can order the physical CE for Shadowlands?


I got the same call.

I don’t think that there have been any official announcements on the forums or website with regards to the physical collector’s edition for Shadowlands that I’ve seen.

That said, it also wouldn’t be something CS has anything to do with really. I’d recommend keeping an eye on the site over the next while instead. Typically the news section of the main site is updated when that sort of info is released.


Thanks Perl.

I’ve had a number of other people in Aus that have had the same call from EB so hopefully one of the Blizz blues can confirm this dastardly deed that they are perpertrating and give us some explanation as to why we aren’t worthy.

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That might be a question you’d want to direct at EBGames, as well. It could be that the decision was theirs, based on a lack of local demand.


According to the chick on the phone from EB, they were advised by Blizzard via email

I’m afraid CS does not currently have any updates but in addition to what Perl mentioned, we will likely update the following Support Article once we have more information.


I also received the same call yesterday from EB Games here in Australia to say that they received an email from Blizzard saying that they were not going to be getting any physical copies of Shadowlands in store! Really disappointing!

Where else do people buy games from if not EBgames? I can’t even think of a different store to go to. Besides, technically no one need buy most games physically these days but you don’t see them dropping other titles or just closing down or becoming just a “toy” shop.

Also, if CS knows nothing and aren’t able to find out something like this then that’s weird because if a whole country of customers was being starved of their product/s wouldn’t the company want to rectify that assuming it was the retailers choice and not the supplier and thusly knowing they had no retail outlets in an entire country and expecting said customers to complain then a memo or something would have been mentioned, isn’t that what customer support is for?

At the very least, shouldn’t Blizzard_ANZ CS know something about something happening regarding it’s services and products?


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If the marketing team haven’t released an official statement, probably not. As for other retailers - JB-Hifi comes to mind as an alternative.


announced today peeps at eb games $180


Yea cheers … seems EB Games are only selling this online and the moeny paid at the store for the pre-order has to be refunded or used at the store for something else … not available to be used via the online pre-order … seems to mean the preordering is done at a store level, which kind of makes sense … anyway it would have been nice for Blizzard to say something a month ago … btw I got an SMS from EB when they announced this with a URL to pre-order (which I did - the wife is happy so everything is good :slight_smile: )