No option to buy game time with gold

My sub is currently expired, and when I log in to the character select screen, I don’t get the option to buy a month with gold. I’ve been buying time this way since tokens were invented, and there have been occasional patches where the option briefly disappears, but I don’t see a thread for it yet so here it is.

I’m on Windows 10, the game is updated to, and I have plenty of gold. My time ran out at some point in the past 12 hours, not sure exactly. Thanks!

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might be because AH is down right now… :frowning:

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Oh, is it? I can’t log in to see! That would probably do the trick though…

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Any confirmation on the issue?

Although it’s been overnight (NA time) since you asked, that blue post from last night would indicate that the AH should be back open by now.