No one plays hunter


I know that representation doesnt mean much - but when i see 2k+ rogues playing and 100 hunters…makes me question my chances in arena. Are things this out of wack right now?

My number 1 concern - nerfs/viability.

I am not a great player, but i like to play. I find that if i am not one of the “best” classes - it is really hard for me to find groups.


I’d say survival hunter is one of the best comps to play in 2s atm, 3’s it’s not the meta but certainly viable.
HPal/SV is always tough for me.

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hunters are absurdly good. stop looking at rep.



We wanna play a ranged huntard spec.

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2 hard to balance

i legit swear they gave up because they weren’t sure what to do with a ranged melee that you couldn’t stop any of the damage of

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I have been killed by surv hunters who were never in melee range for more than a second enough times to say its definitely a ranged spec.


Thats what happens when you run off all the talent and star letting the interns make all the changes.

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They’ll never bring it back because of pve.

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Wouldn’t need to. Can keep MM squishy as they are now, the only thing that needs to change is our ability to kite so most melee in the game don’t have 100% uptime, while giving us back full mobile damage.

In a current meta of melee crossing the map to connect with another 60 yards of gap closers ready to use defensively, constant dodge, 70% slows, unslowable specs, and melee who can constantly heal or reset their health, being a the only spec left in the game that can’t tank IS the weakness.

Keep our defensives cds the way they are.

-Aimed Shot instant. (this opens up rangers finesse as an actual choice, also it’s already held back by a 10 sec cd with charges, all this does is guarantee more go out while running away while damage ceiling stays the same.)
-Steady shot instant, this allows conc shot extend to actually be used.
-Disengage to 15 sec CD with 2x charges.
-Conc shot duration +2 second duration.
-Conc shot now ignores slow supression effects.
-MM tar trap is now a 60% slow. (it’s 2 feet wide cmon.)
-Scatter off trap DR.

Now hunters can punish, damage on the move instead of actually rewarding melee for chasing us everywhere without worry, we now have a niche of being the best “slow” kiters, we can actually kite things.

We still remain the squishiest spec in the game with these changes and the most susceptible to swaps. You just get punished for chasing us start to finish the entire game, as you should.

Bad hunters will still die far before dampening ever happens. Good ones can actively avoid damage and punish bad plays, while still feeling like they’re skating on thin ice, one bad disengage away from dying through heals.


Was just thinking this, deadzone used to be the “niche” for hunters till Cata.

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I think that’s largely due to making the easiest spec of rogue the best to play. If they made either of the other specs the best spec and nerfed sin to dirt most of the rerolls would go UHdk and the rest would be in gutter tier