No one cares…

But I’ve decided to main monk and super excited. It’s been a long, arduous process on deciding a main. Pretty funny, too, because monk is my most played character. I really enjoy the feel of the class in general. I also love the mobility and various tools they have.


I love many things about monks, but i love brew the most. though with how squishy i feel I just dont know if its in the cards.

Monk has been my main since MoP and will continue to be. I like when they are bottom of the barrel for DPS because all the FOTM losers leave the class alone. It’s the most fun class IMHO and I will forever be a monk main. I have 6 different max level monks between horde and alliance through all my diff servers. Monk4Life!

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What race seems to have the best mogs and animations out of those?

I’ve decided to continue playing this monk as my main with an evoker as an alt. I’m always glad to hear people say that they are having fun.

I’ve also switched to this guy after an arduous process of ‘main selection’. This guy has been my main alt for most of SL (although I don’t play my alts all that much)

I main mw but plan on playing ww a bit too and both specs are super fun. (Also true of brm but I rarely tank) I’m not moving with the meta, I go where it’s fun and monk seems to be where fun is at for DF for me :slightly_smiling_face:

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