No nerfs for Guardian Druids this week! Corrected

So the shaman treatment of days past?

Why do you think I am taking enjoyment out of this!!! It’s finally someone else’s turn!


50% reduction sleeper is still not enough should be 80% to be honest

80 percent?
Why not just delete their capstone talent all together… jeez


80% out of 20 million is still 4 million healing or damage and that’s what they are doing.

All tanks are nerfed. Lol blood dk nerfed twice now. Here it is:

I get it.
But 4 mil dmg is due to players playing into rots or incarnation.
Outside of those 2 cds, we hit with qet noodles.
Also there is only 1 tank per team( mostly)
Yet there can be 9 evokers casting 1 shots.
9 DH hunting, or 9 arcane mages blinking all over casting barrage, yet your concern is that one druid casting all his cds and surviving?

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Why not just don’t attack when it’s up. Or use your buttons better if you do.

Give it up abomb you aren’t that good to be giving out advice.

Will tanks stop attacking me?

It is only balanced that if you attack a Tank you kill yourself and need 3 ppl. That is optimal balance.

Kinda weird to say that :roll_eyes:


K dude.

Tanks have Abom.

Anti-Tanks have Soulpriest.

Abom spits out ideas for balance.

Soulpriest spits out.


Aww how cute. A Bromance

Gonna gonna give you guys some alone time

whoa, where was this sentiment when DK was surgically removed from PVP this season?

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Surgically I feel implies precision, strategy, and using your brain…

They smashed their faces across a keyboard and blanket nuked them.

responing to the DK nerfs…


its the 3rd time they have done this nerf going into a fresh xpac, they really don’t want to see DKs succeed in S1. i say surgical because it feels like some dev has a personal vendetta against DKs and knows exactly how to screw us over. we got kneecapped going into BfA S1, again in SL S1, and now a 3rd time in a row with DF S1. its really hard not to wish the devs ill will with this kind of abuse and bullying from them.

I know right, they should of done them slowly and with a smile.

Please just get rid of tanks in pvp

Why? You’re still going to have healers that you can’t kill.

The worst thing you can do to a healer is cc him. When I can’t cast spells my teammates die around me and then I die easily at the end. The smartest players kick and cc the hell out of me or yes. A healer is gonna win the game for them if they are worth their weight. Not even sure why you would attacks tank just ignore them. Like bees. Just at least until nerf. leave them alone lol

But I mean I guess at the end of the day who cares we will all be doing rbgs and arena so you just won’t see many tanks except the alloted one for your team.