No mounting in the maw

is obnoxious and annoying. Makes me hate the zone.

Please, either let us mount or give us a run speed buff.


There are harnesses located on the ground which will give you a temporary mount that’s pretty fast too. Plus there are teleporters that you can unlock to fast travel.


I find mounts after killing some people but there are only two teleporters (Tremaculum and Beast Warrens) that I’ve seen and those seem to be one way only.

The Maw doesn’t feel any more threatening with no mount. It just inflates Blizzard’s time played metric. :anger:


I absolutely hate it and will do everything possible to avoid the zone to the greatest extent possible. No flying was bad enough. No mounts at all? I guess you get punished in Azeroth’s version of hell with eternal slowness. I hadn’t read before I played beta that you couldn’t mount there at all and it was a very unpleasant surprise. I just got to a point in the leveling quest chain where I have to go back there and I am dreading it.

Not only are they one-way, but you can’t even buy a second teleport-to-safety thing from Venari.

Once the 5 charges are gone, you’re done. Because the replacements in his inventory require GRANULES of Stygia, which were a quest reward. You can’t buy the return teleport with regular Stygia.