NO more party sync BGS!

just did 6 Bgs in a row. 3 alliance and 3 horde, on live. Lost all of them with lvl 10-19s. why? checked the DPS board the game provides and personally checked their toons on wow armory, this was to make sure it was a party sync team and not just a good player.

the party sync max levels were doing MUCH more dps more then us. How could i tell? 2 players from same realm usually join. sometimes more. one of them has say at lvl 10; around 892hp health in the BG and the other 1 or 2 same realmers have 1200hp, their xmog is also level locked so no way a lvl 10-19 has shadowlands xmog on. And then their dps gave it away too, if we had 1k they had 10k if we had 20k they had 60k. And that’s a lvl 10-19 in all heirlooms vs a max lvl party sync toon.

It genuinely makes me wanna avoid pvp till lvl 40 when it gets a bit better. Low lvl pvp right now feels like you should be able to log-on and just afk for honor because actually trying, at least until around lvl 40 is almost impossible to fight against unless 4 people in the match team up and constantly hunt down that 1 or 2 party sync player.

Both factions abuse it, its easy honor for a lvl 60 but just PAIN for the low lvl guys. It also throws off new players, imagine going in thinking you can do some damage only to be 1 shot by someone who’s the same level as you, but has 400 more hp and 1000 more dps. Their supposed to be scaled down but that still isnt enough to fix the HUGE gap between a normal lvl 10-19 in a BG and a part sync lvl 60.


Don’t want to read your wall o text. Separate plz

It doesn’t get better at 40. People are abusing P/sync all the way to 60 ^^

Here’s all you need to know.

if partysync is op then so are boas. gear your alts.

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No one cares about leveling in PvP. They should remove experience from BGs. You should be in there to PvP. Get better gear for your bracket.

If you don’t like leveling in BGs don’t do it. Just focus on PvP. We would of never had BGs ruined if they didn’t put experience in there.

Exp in BGs meant that people new to the game could actually find out if they like pvp rather than get rofl stomped by some neckbearded twink.

While your at it please explain why the separation of exp on/off ruined the “twink” community when they all claimed they only liked facing “other” twinks but when faced with that reality they quickly stopped playing them. Ill wait. Kthanksbye.

My level 19 kul tiran druid has 1.4k HP in BOA’s and quest gear. I typically am in the top 3 DPS on all of my BGs. It helps that my starsurge crits for nearly 500.

Level 20 being the most popular bracket for Regulars outside of end game should answer your question. More war games and premade matchups there than at 60. The problem as the levels got closer to end game was time invested; Not many players are interested in having odd leveled characters which is why xpac after xpac the bgs that remain most flooded with twinks are level 19 and 29 for F2P and simplicity, then the level cap for the previous xpac.

I would say at this point it is safe to say that if xp was removed from battlegrounds all together and other types of rewards took it’s place, like higher amounts of gold, higher amounts of honor, higher chances to obtain meaningful gear, cosmetic rewards and mounts then more players would be inclined to PvP to PvP rather than leech xp while doing anything other than play the game.

How can anyone claim to want to test their class/specs performance in a PvP environmemt when they are wearing items 10+ levels lower than where they are. How is that experiencing your class/specs true potential? How is it a player 2-3 levels from end game are still wearing level 2x gear? If they spent their entire time leveling through bg’s they should have marks of honor to purchase gear from PvP vendors, to buy heirloom gear/upgrades etc…

The problem isn’t twinks or party syncs in leveling battlegrounds, it’s the Lazy mentality that one can have their cake and eat it too without actually playing the game. There is no excuse to enter a PvP situation, at any point in the game, without relevant gear and knowledge as the devs have set things up where your hand is held the entire time. The fact that these lazy players aren’t actually “Playing” the game isn’t anyone elses fault but their own. kthanksbye :blush:

The fact that the twink community’s died as soon as xp off BGs came a thing is all the point I need to make. Your correct about the 20 and 50 bracket tho. Its full of 20 FTP twinks. After all its free and you can easily keep up the grind for mats/potions with a FTP account.

You can claim lazyness etc for people wanting to test out BGs but that is what they are doing. They dont have the BIS gear that twinks have with full enchants and potions.

A full BOA toon is easy enough to play BGs and shouldnt need to go farm the BIS gloves, engin, alchemy, potions etc to compete against the “twinks” of old.

Face it, blizz added xp gain to BGs because they didn’t like what twinks were doing in every bracket. Now they are more or less constricted to the 20-29 bracket and the 50 only bracket.

thats true on paper then you see the lvl 51-59 bracket filled with lvl 60s coming in with what would be that brackets higher limit item lvl while a leveling player at say 54 cant even scratch them because his item lvl isnt up to par because its impossible to get that brackets top tier item lvl when leveling. They should scale down item lvl to be the weakest so everyone has a chance.

partysync 60 in 51-59 has a120 ilvl template. comparable to a level 56/57. if it was a template for a 59 they would be 146 ilvl.
so a syncd 60 in 51-59 is like a borderline heroic/mythic geared 50.
the problem isn’t them.