No marks of honor in AV, please

Once again, if you do not want to contribute to the conversation, get out.

OP sure seems to complain a lot

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No, I don’t think I will. You troll my threads, I’m not going to give you a pass to cry like a toddler about everything under the sun.

At least he’s not making “I quit” threads every five minutes anymore.

Sorry, cupcake, you do not get to decide what people discuss. No such pass for a discussion is needed, much less from random forum poster #8754764753632

The mock outrage akin to a whiskee/saqe post is a nice touch. When you post a blatant troll thread as you did, expect to be marked a troll, as others besides myself did.

This isn’t a discussion, it’s a thread of every single person in here laughing at you because your request is a joke.

There’s your answer.



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Listen buddy, if you can’t handle the fact that the majority of players are ready for battlegrounds, that’s your problem.

When Blizzard releases battlegrounds in December, remember my thread and make sure you accuse Blizzard of “trolling” as well.

You would still have rushed games, because most players are far more interested in efficiency.

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I believe you still haven’t given a citation for that in your troll thread. Also, “the majority of players” of WoW likely mainly play retail. So them wanting such is not really groundbreaking info.

Will wait for your citation that the majority of classic-only players want BGs.

If you’re interested in efficiency just uninstall the game and run some spreadsheets. Go out to the workshop and drill holes in boards.

We’re here to play not run meters to measure our performance.


Hell, I enjoyed the pieces of the BG. Taking Towers. Accumulating and handing in resources. Upgrading units, summoning calvary/wingriders/elemental bosses, and yes, PVP in an open world-like setting.

What in the world are you rambling about?!

I’m not even talking about min/maxing, I’m talking about winning. Sure, you can turtle and do a bunch of useless stuff and eventually win. Or you can use good tactics and destroy the enemy. Drill holes in all the boards you want, that doesn’t win battles.

That “useless stuff” gave rep.

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Completing major objectives gives more. If your goal is to farm rep, it’s faster to win and repeat.

And the point of this thread is that MoHs in AV made such even more prevalent. They, coupled with CRBGs, also led to the cries of “hurry up and lose”, and mass cave AFKing.

Well, there is a difference between flopping and rushing. I also agree afkers were a problem. But even without marks, rushing is the best way to win, and the most efficient way to farm honor/rep.

Don’t get me wrong, I miss the early days of AV when we were all just starting and learning it. But at the end of the day, 15 years of experience fighting in AV is what has lead us to quick battles, and aside from mass amnesia, nothing is going to change that


You will not get these epic 2 day battles anymore regardless of which option they give us. People have learned more efficient ways to win that don’t require battling over every single capture point.

And once I get my unstoppable force…I will probably never go in to AV again on this character


Right, but MoHs compounded that. Those only after the loot were more than happy with the outcome, while those who equally enjoyed the immersive and diverse gameplay that early AV offered had our gaming experience diminished.

And nerfing AV cetered to that mindset.

Again, I do not doubt that there are many who are only in it for the loot, ready to chuck the BG over their shoulder like a low level dungeon once they get it. Those IMHO should not be the ones catered to, but rather those that value the gameplay that the BG used to offer. The ones who would be returning to that content time and again well after they gain loot.