No Maldraxxus portal

When you complete Bastion it sends you to Tal Inara in Oribos. He tells you to go to Maldraxxus but there is no quest to do so. This was fixed about a week ago and I was able to go there. Now there is no portal and there is no quest lead in NPC standing where the portal should be. Just wondering how it got broken again. Comments? The real tragedy is that with this missing piece it is impossible to do any more testing. This is the 4th time I have gotten this far and gotten stuck. Kind of getting old.


The Bastion Template does not get the follow-up quest to go to Maldraxxus as that template uses old quests, voice files, etc. Only the Intro (now named ‘LV50’) Template is what lets you do the full leveling experience from start to finish.

A big change they did was you were suppose to fall from The Maw directly to Bastion. If you remember, Kleia’s first lines were about seeing you ‘fall’ from The Maw and seeing a Mawsworn as well. That was changed so that after the introduction scenario, we go to Oribos first, so all her lines were changed to represent the fact we arrive from Oribos instead of The Maw and thus a lot of quests for the Template characters broke as a result.

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I’m having the same issue of no follow up quest to Maldraxxus after completing everything in Bastion; but I used a fresh level 50 character copy and did experience the intro scenario.
She is currently acting as if she was a Bastion template with being unable to access other zones (although the Ardenweald portal seems to be unlocked for some reason, and so is the quest to…choose a covenant at level 54).
I can’t quite find info anywhere on if character copies are supposed to behave this way (could have missed it!), but I’m pretty sure the point of them is to test how leveling through all of the zones with our live gear level is–so the breadcrumb quests and other zones should ideally be enabled.

I was able to level a character copy all the way to 60 through all of the zones. Had no issues with the breadcrumb quests sending you to each of the follow-up zones.

In that case, something changed at some point or went wrong when I copied my shaman over–because she is a copy and does not get the breadcrumb quest to Maldraxxus. Hopefully this can be looked at/addressed soon.