No Loot from Horrific Vision

I have completed two horrific visions so far this patch, both of which I three chested. I have yet to receive any loot from them, other than my cloak upgrade. I was under the impression we were supposed to receive a piece of gear each and every run, with the Ilvl corresponding to the amount of quests we complete within.

Please confirm whether this is intended or is a bug. Also if this is a bug, many of your players will be expecting either a refund of a key or to be given the gear. There is no middle ground or other alternative here. I have unsubbed for less and will 100% do so again if you choose the “screw your player base” option.


I hope they find a good resolution for the lack of gear drops. I don’t want to feel punished for doing the content with an; ‘Oh well, we can’t help you, because then your cloak would be ahead of everyone else’s.’

I’ve run four or five Horrific Visions now, even before I realized it was a legitimate problem. The best recommendation I’ve been able to find thusfar is just hold onto your currency UNTIL this is fixed.

I’m in the same boat. My cloak is level 5 and I have exactly 1 piece of horrific visions gear to show for it. Not only that, but the Aqir assault cache in uldum didn’t drop gear either. I am going to be pretty damn unhappy if there’s no compensation at all, especially with certain corrupted gear pieces being a literal 25k dps upgrade for my class at the moment.

I haven’t gotten any loot drops either, i am wondering if i should be putting in a ticket that way at least it shows i am having the issue, MAYBE there will be compensation since its such a big issue.

Same just did 2 visions and just got a cloak upgrade… This is bogus, I need the gear…

you only get gear on the first run through. there is a blue post about it Horrific Visions Rewards

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Well thats lame… It didn’t bother me before, but I officially hate this patch now. Thats dumb… You should get a gear reward each time…

it’s not like you get nothing. you get the cloak upgrade among other things.

You actually get a piece of gear from each reward tier once a week. Per the comment that you linked, if you were to do 3 full clears with no mask, the first time you would get a 445, the second time you would get a 430, and the third time you would get a 420.

But note, a lot of people are not getting the loot they should be getting. Call it the 8.3 Blizz gutted their QA department bug.

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Just finished SW 3 chest, got quests Items but could not loot 3 rd chest, the Boss Aleria’s chest.