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N/A…Please disregard this post, as it is no longer valid.

a guild who whalecums all new recruits, bump

gotta love a long standing and reputable guild

:slight_smile: thank you for the warm comments :slight_smile:

Id join if i could

haha once you get here you can’t leave right :stuck_out_tongue:

Wat u get to raid with me?

come join us, and kill heroic/mythic bosses!

yeah dudes and doods

Come join us!!! 10% Mythic first boss!!! It will die next week!!!

Cant wait to kill Mythic First boss next week! Best guild! :kissing_heart:

Come kill some bosses with us next week!

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Thursday killing first Mythic boss here we come!

Come join us and raid mythic!!

First Mythic boss down! We are going to keep going! They are all going down >:)

Killing bosses

2/8 Mythic boss down! LETS GO! :slight_smile: Best guild!

3/8M bosses down!! Lets go!! Come get the Lady Ash down with us!!!