No LFD = Tank and healer rewards

Do you think rewarding tanks and healers would help improve their numbers?

Imagine you formed a group for a dungeon, but, before entering it, you have to choose a role and you can’t change that role without restarting the instance. If your role is tank or healer you’d get a bonus item from the final boss, or some gold.

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If only there was a system in place that made it easier to form groups with some sort of queue system and rewarded tanks and healers if they queued up when demand for them was high…I can’t think of anything like that though.


You’re perfectly capable of rewarding tanks/healers when you manually form groups. In fact, it’s even easier than with LFD. Plenty of groups reserve items for the tank/healer or pay gold to them.


Yeah. You would think the owner of the game would think if its own ideas to solve the problem. Instead they leave it to the players. Which is fine short term, but at some point they should recognize that the problem is not going away and they should look into a solution.

They have shown that players not being able to play is something they will react to. For whatever reason though, they are very hesitant to react to group forming issues. They have even taken away a solution in wrath. So i dont think they will react anytime soon. Its like they see it as a good thing. Who knows since they have not commented on it.

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pay gold to tank and healer
increase payment based on inflation and dungeon difficulty

Que times sucked in wrath because LFD didn’t incentivize tanks and healers to que like you are saying it will.

Blizz further incentivized it by giving them mounts for queing and even that didn’t incentivize it enough to even remotely solve the problem.

If people wouldnt “reward” these then they wouldnt demand stuff in the first place.

Rewarding them wouldn’t help much. People avoid those roles not because they are inherently more difficult or less fun but when tanking or healing ‘the community’ goes out its way to punish you for choosing those roles.


yea I’ll tank with my paladin, with friends during Wrath, to many negative nancies though that blame the tank because they screwed up and got killed. Can’t count the number of times I’m drinking cause I’m oom and i see some idiot run past and grab the next pack shouting go go go. I just let them die, then they get angry that I didn’t get up to save them.

Queue times would have been even worse without the incentives.
I know I queued more on my healer when there was a reward for healing active.


Yeah it’s called tanks reserving all the greens and blues and the nether at the end.


Don’t worry about this tank, I’ll be making the poor suckers desperate for a tank reward me. Thank you blizzard for creating a system where I can gouge people for my services and they have no choice - its beautiful.


I dont recall the mounts but i do recall them giving a satchel of goods. And yes it did help. It wasnt like the crate of nonsense they give alliance for winning a bg. It was actually a pretty good deal. It was around 50g plus some mats. But… although i did end up tanking more than i would have without it, i started not tanking until it was available. The offer was not always there. It only was offered when que times were getting very long. And there was a lot of times that it wasnt available. That alone kinda blows away your claim of long ques. It wasnt as bad as you claim.

Well maybe if ppl stop blaming tanks and heals for their own stupidity you will get more of this roles being played, but since everything is fault of those 2 roles , well sucks to be you

You don’t recall que times sucking? Makes sense considering you were tanking? Lmfao why do you think they further incentivized it? Because que times still sucked. Nothing fixes the tank issue besides more people tanking.

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Yea I remember getting instant dungeon queues on my bear tank and then leveling a DPS alt and realizing instant dungeons weren’t a thing for everyone lol

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So tanks’ and healers’ services should go to the highest bidder?

That doesn’t have disaster written all over it…

Yeah, I can’t wait to be paying tanks and healers 500g and all the unneeded blues and epics to do a dungeon. Oh, can’t forget about the mount hardres in Utgarde.


As a tank myself, I only charge people that I’m not friends with. You should not expect random people to carry you for free.

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As a healer myself… I do it all the time because I actually like playing this game and I’m not a dick.

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