No invincible on dalaran?

Why we cant use invincible in dalaran? this has to be a huge error on their part. it was allowed to use invincible back in the day

Game is unplayable indeed.

WTB refund

It’s a bug that came with them making flying mounts usable as ground mounts.

Need to let me ride my invincible on dalaran please. is a huge let down, so much for not being able to use it, either let us fly or fix the mount please.

Sometimes to fix this, you can fly in using that mount, land on it, dont dismount and then you can lift off and fly with it there. Other times you need to keep it hovering above the ground after you fly in on it and don’t ever touch the ground with it. Odd how they would design it that way so most certainly a bug.

its there u just cant see it

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Fly in from outside and fly to above the well at horde side bank