No guild chat, no trade chat

Not able to open guild tab at all, trade chat does not exist. No response from yells or general chat. I do not use a single addon, so dont suggest that being the issue please


Same Problem. This just started this evening in the last hour.

same here for me also

Same issue as well. Have done all the Blizz help sites and nothing is helping. Kinda infuriating as I am an officer for my guild and cant see anything

Went to Oribos and trade works, I thought it used to work in the covenants and maybe thats no longer a function. I was just about to put on my Easter dress for a gmate to get their achieve and cannot find out where they are to go there. They are on another realm so I don’t know if I can whisper them directly.

Same here. I tried reloading and relogging. Nothing

Same here; Guild Finder tab is unavailable, and I can’t chat in Guild. :frowning:

Currently experiencing this issue on all characters.

I am having the same problem on all characters as well.