No Gamma ICC dungeons EXIST

When you go to queue for Gamma dungeons, Gamma Forge of Souls/Pit/Halls are listed, but they aren’t actually a thing. There is only normal and heroic. It would seem a Blizzard employee missed a memo.

The dungeon finder might group you as though it was a thing–I haven’t tried–but there is ONLY heroic above normal. Manually zone into heroic, and there is no Titan disc.

Good news is that you receive Defiler’s Scourgestones from those heroic bosses–and only heroic. My alts that ran normal don’t have any.

On a related note, I saw some people say that Defiler’s dropped in regular heroic–they must have been referring to these three, and not any of the older ones. Since, you know…that’s the whole point of Gamma.

As far as the daily Gamma quest being completed on regular heroic, it may be the same situation.

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Yes. They added it to the Gamma list because it gives gamma rewards, but it’s just the heroic difficulty.


They are gamma difficulty “according to Blizzard” so they drop the same currency rewards, and they you can also queue for any one of them specifically (dont do H HoR because the LK loot is bugged) and get both the heroic daily and gamma daily done.

Oooh thanks for that info.

I also just noticed I received 3x Defiler’s Scourgestones from the Ley Guardian’s cache (final boss Gamma Oculus).

Is this because it’s my first for the day or because they packed extra incentive to complete the dreaded Oculus?

Extra incentive, you get 2 extra Scourgestones from the Ley Guardian’s Cache.

Yep, it has historically been a skipped dungeon in the random queue, so they are giving a bit of extra stuff to keep people from instantly leaving.

Kind of wish they would just axe the added mechanics in the dungeons. They are all pretty tedious. They can keep the added health/damage.

People hated doing Oculus because it just wasn’t worth it.

Now you get extra defilers + the drakes scale better.

Also it seems the whelps don’t have mirror images appear as often.

I wondered about that. I didn’t have those insta-18 mirrors pulls at all. Did it on my main priest and had the same pleasant ride, plus as someone else noted, I had ~220k hp with my pvp gear on (highest ilevel).

Yeah I agree.

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