No gametime?

i bought game time yesterday and was playing last night went to log in and keeps telling me i need time which it says i have…this is in WOTLK

forgot to mention i can log into Retail just not classic for some reason says i have no gametime

If the subscription just went through, it is possible that it is still processing.

Make sure you are logging into the correct WoW license for the Classic version. You might try resetting your password to try and refresh the account status.


OK so I bought game time about a month ago. I bought the $30 prepaid card. I only play classic. this morning I got an email telling me my 3 month subscription had expired. I never had a 3 month subscription. and now the game time has disappeared. this is very very frustrating as I cannot talk to a real person and figure this out. oh and everytime I try to contact customer service it ask me to log in but won’t let me log in and it clearly shows that i am already logged in.

You should be able to log in to and check your transactions to see the status of purchases.

If you can’t login to, what happens when you attempt to log in?

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And did you go into your account management and add the code for that game time to your game account? If not, then the time will not be added.

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