No Cross realm BGs

Of course it did. Many alliance now and horde in vanilla (horde was the minority back then) specifically rolled those factions to get faster queues.

And many more did not because they had other reasons to stay on their faction.

Yes. But why give more reasons to make a problem worse. You dont stop bleeding by making the wound bigger

Faction imbalance isn’t the only reason why some realms had queue issues in vanilla.

No cross realm BGs? But all those mega-horde dominant servers… lmao

It’s the predominant one though , at least for larger servers

I hope that doesn’t mean cross-realming PvP with PvE servers though.

I don’t want to be stuck playing with Faerlina neckbeard tryhards. :wink:

That is exactly what is going to happen.

Or worse yet, you’re going to be pugging endless games AGAINST preform groups from the pvp servers, and losing 100 out of 100 matches. It’s going to be vanilla on steroids with the crazy populations.

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so you want changes? crazy i see you flaming others that want changes.

Edited to say that this was in response to Ziryus the Classic Troll. Not sure why it didn’t link properly…

You’ve already stated that you simply intend to throw games if they’re not going to your satisfaction. You’re one of those worthless, annoying people who quit playing before the game even begins, and start harassing people in chat because they’re actually trying to play. People will be stuck with endless pugs that have 2 or 3 people like you.

Because of the populations, and the increased interest in pvp, 90% of your matches will be against preforms. 100% of your WSG/AB will be losses. Even against other pugs groups, your teams will lose simply because you’re there and refuse to play. (Well, that and you’re bad.)

Which is why you’ve been trolling the AV threads for 8 months demanding zerg EZmode AV. Because as you’ve now openly stated:

Like I said: You clearly intend to AFK AVs to cheat for honour, and having xserver bgs will allow you to do that easily and conveniently.

I’m not buying the nonsense about you being “casual.” Casual players don’t plan in advance to cheat or deliberately throw games. You’ve been shrieking for months that PvE is better than PvP. All you’re after is free honour for gear. And for that, you’re willing to ruin the experience for everyone who actually ENJOYS PvP.

So, are you actually admitting that you’re aware what xserver queues do to the honour grind, then? You know that in order to rank, you’ll have to roflstomp pugs 12 hours a day in a preform to gain more honour than you AV afk farmers?

You keep changing your story monthly. First it was “pvp is stupid - real players do pve” Then it’s “I’m casual, so I don’t want to sit in queues because I REALLY want to pvp during my casual time.” Now it’s “I’m just going to throw games if I actually have to PVP, because it’s too much work.”
You really need to pick ONE story and stick with it…

PS: Hey there Galydor! Still obsessed with me, I see. No life outside forums yet? You’re even more pathetic than the Classic Troll named Ziryus. Almost reached 5000 posts though, trying to catch up to Galiy’s 7000 for the prize of “most useless human?” You’re going to have to stop getting banned if you’re going to compete for that…

So… no link to that fabulous character you did all those thousands of hours pvping in Vanilla with, I see.

Because - you started playing WoW during Panda’s and Pokemon, have never actually been in a WSG game, and the only honour you’ve ever gotten were from the towers in Legion. (Well, that and camping lowbie flight paths with 97 of your “best friends” because you’re: “so totally rocking this pvp thing, dude.”)

Yup, you’re a veritable expert on xserver BGS in classic, lol.


Hmm… so basically you just have terrible reading comprehension if you think that posts about premades vs pugs have anything to do with afking for honor in AV.

I think the vanilla honor system was inherently flawed regardless of CRBG’s and if you were going for a high rank you would have to play 12 hours a day either way.

You’ve been following me to my server forum and liking posts from people arguing with me.

Only some individuals (cough).

Eeee… Yikes.

Rank 14 is not for everyone. It’s for the no life account sharing people to get. Everyone doesn’t deserve it. I know I’m not willing to put in the time. It should be hard to get. Hard as in time spent.

Not an expert. Never claimed to be. Just stating that when I played on Boulderfist and Zuluhead (sp?) back when crossrealm bgs were introduced, I really enjoyed playing them.

Anyway, I am disappointed in myself for taking the time to type a response to you. After swapping to my classic character, because the neck beards and forumlords said I (we) were supposed to post with them, I damn sure don’t care enough about you to dig up my oldest retail characters to post on.

May you enjoy the irrelevance of grinding and/or account sharing your way to r14 14-15 years ago. I’m sure it was worth it, even if nobody cares about your achievements today, which they don’t.

Queue for the BG when you’re 1 quest away from leveling. Once you’re queue’d, turn in the quest and when the BG pops you’re lvl 20/30/40/50/60 playing in the lower bracket.

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If you quit that would help fix the faction imbalance though … LOL

I’m also opposed to cross-realm bgs. Not having them is a corrective factor to ganker-led faction imbalance.

How to be a good parasite: don’t kill the host.

If your delight is ganking lowbies trying to level, don’t start whingeing when you get to bgs and your queues are phenomenal. Ya reap what ya sow. Completely repercussion-free play is readily available in retail.

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I know what you are talking about with pvp that is just on the server (Not cross realm). I used to play my Alliance rogue (Dazlinn) back in the day on Greymane (still playing). The BG ques were usually around 30 mins. I would stand outside the gates of IF and duel until the Q popped. The BG would last about 10-15 mins. I would then re-que and head back outside to duel until it popped again.

When you joined the BG, you would look at the names of the opposite faction. You would start to recognize names. For example; in WSG I had a rivalry with a troll mage (His name was something like ShadowbladeX-I can’t remember). We started to know what the other player would do. He was a very good flag runner and I was very good at returning the flag. Sometimes he would get me and sometimes I would get him. It was very fun.

That is the sort of thing that will be missed if it goes to cross realm BGs. I for one, used to love server only PVP.

Also, the time I spent dueling; I learned how to play my character. I used to duel this one rogue named Crane and he used to always beat me. You learn things and eventually I got better :slight_smile:


they didnt need to because we do have crbgs

i say long queues are bad design