No conflict and strife from the chest

thank u blizzard working as intended i am sure


They said it would be too broken for us to have

wasn’t in my alt’s chest either wow amazing thank u very cool


I just created a post in the bug report forum. Please go post/comment on it if you didn’t get one to bring awareness.

Just imagine if there was a vendor to buy it. Jk might have bought the wrong thing


i got mine, it must be bugged for some ppl

The bar was already low from season two (Maledict, No trophy, Rdruid and RMPala never seeing changes, stale dampening meta) but they’ve somehow surpassed themselves on terrible roll out for this season with lasers making this miserable, non-existent drops from arena, next to no balancing, and now conflict and strife doesn’t even drop in the chest guaranteed to drop it.

What an absolute circus.


im sorry i bought the wrong essence

If you open your chest now you are good, if you already opened it before this hotfix put in a ticket