No changes? What about the nerfed elites that give a lot of XP?


You are silly. Blizzard has already checked these things. Your private server are the ones that need ‘fixing’ if you wanted the real experience but of course you don’t. So bye, go waste your time on private servers until they die or are shut down.


What would blizzard have to gain by nerfing the game?

Only people who enjoy this style of play will stick around. There is no vested interest in dumbing down the game. Especially when leveling is by far quicker in the retail version.

Notice i said quicker, cause the game was never hard, its always been a time-sink.


May have been a miscommunication, but anyway this Deadmines test, what did Blizzard base it off of? Can you link any information of this test?

@Flozzel Pride can get people to do stupid things without any real benefit.


Yeah cause a company that just did major restructuring and their stock crashed, really wants to lower their profits…


That ain’t true, they’ve already been making changes and pretending they were bugs.


Blizzard has an actual 1.12 client/server they were using as a reference build when making Classic. The values were tested using that reference build.


lol you would be surprised.

@Sabetha I don’t believe them.


In Vanilla the only time I ever saw someone able to kill an Elite their own level by themselves was a Warlock, other than that it required full epic gear. Also, patch 2.0 the Pre BC patch here hunters and Druids could kill Elites their own level. If the average person (Non Lock) is able to kill them solo with greens or blues they are weaker.


Do people think that private server operators actually coded everything themselves?


Lol epic gear. Okay.


They basically copy pasted alot of the 1.12 Database the found on some old pc in a storage unit. So the numbers are going to be pretty close, plus you got to consider alot of external factors. We have better pc’s, faster internet, tons of guides, 15 years of experience playing wow and getting better at the mechanics. We know how to key bind better.

All of this can make classic easier, or at least seem easier. No doubt it seemed harder back in the day, but try to compare it to legion. Most dungeon bosses had more mechanics then the end raid bosses in classic. Its just a sign of the times, why not just enjoy it after 15 years.


and if you have no evidence, the rest of us(including Blizzard who is in charge of what gets fixed in Classic) have no reason to take you seriously.

So then like I said before: By all means, go back to your private servers if you don’t like it.


Do you think private server operators code everything themselves? You’re a tool if you’re just going to believe Blizzard cause they said so.


if you’ve unsubbed are you sure it’s not you that isn’t the target audience?


I think that there’s no reason to entertain any changes without any sort of evidence that there is something wrong.

I’m not going to argue in favour of changing the game because some random person on the internet told me that they totally remember it being different 15 years ago.

and the private servers involve a lot of guesswork for things they didn’t have the actual data for.


This is also true for a lot of things. Many things that were possible in the later parts of vanilla WoW never saw much limelight; nobody really cared to try when BC was coming out soon anyways. Old content was doomed to irrelevancy so why bother?


Alot of the numbers on private servers where done by simple guessing, if you don’t believe blizzard even after they released the video of their testing environment with testing elite damage numbers then thats on you. If your not enjoying the game why are you even here?

(Monsterskill) #61

People 3 manned ony before BC.

Also, people AOE pulled dungeons when they had gear, and tried funny stuff like zero tank speed runs. People are just upset because they didn’t know about these things.


Yeah a lot of people seem to be forgetting classic was abandoned due to TBC.

Its like everyone has buyers remorse or something. Its like saying C’Thun was hard… no it was mathematically impossible, that doesnt make it hard, it makes the emcounter/game broken… total Noahs Arcade where people keeping pumpin quarters into the game that can never be beaten.


They used videos made from that time I believe.

If you had been paying attention on this forum they actually answered this issue a few months ago.