No capstone (common tree) outlaw build?

how bad would this be for raiding? no CE, just AOTC. no M+ other than one +15 a week.(im not a big fan of M+)

thistle tea is just dumb for outlaw. adding mastery to it was kinda insulting.

i cannot stand the mini game of ER. (I would have been happy with Bone spike or Flag, yet Outlaw cant get either, wtf?)

IMO Shadow dance should have stayed sub only, this is not a playstyle i find enjoyable, at all.

yes, im one of those idiots who only plays Outlaw.
I would have loved Concealed Blunderbuss but i can live with Greenskins.
Does hit and run stack with fleet footed?

So, would that build be bottom of the barrel DPS? Like, by a lot?

one sad Ratt

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On the current beta these are probably what you’re going to be working with for ST. First one is Sealed Fate, second is Dance. Loaded Dice is better than Sleight and a point in Hit and Run is a waste. Right now on the beta the entire spec revolves around just rolling CDR and hitting Keep it Rolling. If you have full uptime on a boss KIR can extend a single CDR roll 3 times before it runs out and the point is just to maximize Dreadblades uptime.

Dreadblades interacting with CDR is going to be problematic. Calling it first!

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It absolutely is problematic because you have infinite resources lol. It’s already confirmed getting nerfed though with the cooldown probably getting increased so it can’t reset itself.

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well then i guess im just screwed.

thanks though.

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Please tell me your lying, I can’t have 100% dreadblades uptime? Reeeee