No Brawl this week?

The calendar says that “Comp Stomp” starts today. Is this a bug?? Anyone know whats up?

The automaton misfired, and no one’s hit the manual override yet.

Hope it comes out this week. Was interested in testing it out.

Correct - Comp Stomp is this week.

Really looking forward to it.

Been waiting 45 mins for it to start, however its greyed out and saying new brawl starts in six days :roll_eyes:

Greyed out and says new brawl in six days.

Yeah it should have started at 8 AM but its not available.

new update, I logged out and onto an alt and now it’s back.

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Brawl always starts and ends 1 hour after reset.

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My Horde characters seem to have access to it, but not Alliance.

it’s bugged atm. It’s greyed out and says new brawl in six days.

the ab ai brawl isnt working for alot of people.

Still not working for me :frowning:

Same, again. Managed to do one brawl and then it locked out for me.