No Bloodthirsty Honor Vendor in Stormwind

Era, hc, sod, cata, how is 4 6? And era and hc are develolment free at this point.

Sod and cata are already enough work, no need to inflate it

how is this vendor still not in the game yet?

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and here we have discovered the reason as to why even blizzard own GMs avoid these forums

We’ve got an issue that we’re working to fix.

Hello, it shouldn’t be too hard to spawn in one simple vendor that was in the game 14 years a go. Please fix, nothing to do without BGs.

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If the 377 crafted gear is any indication, theyre having trouble getting him to spawn with the proper honor gear

The vendors are now in-game.


Can we get the honor to Justice points vendor please?


Can all heirloom gear be made available to purchase through gold?

The set bonus’ are not working…


you can play the BG without the vendor.

Set bonuses appear to be broken and not working at the moment…


The vendors are now in-game.

Good job mate. Now can you increase the honor gains? A win in TB is 60 honor seems wrong. The weekly quest for TB win is also only 250 honor. WG is now 500 honor, makes no sense.

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FYI the Cata +40 Resil Chest enchant does nothing. Same Resil as before enchanting my chest. Thought I’d splurge since we got the PvP vendors and put a nice enchant on there.

what about the pvp weapons and shoulder/helmet enchant for honor


set bonuses broken again :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :rofl:

i love how set bonuses went from broken on beta and working on live to working on beta and broken on live

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Don’t worry they’ll put it in after they get the old replica gear in

There was no Honor weapon in season 9, only the Conquest ones.

They aren’t doing the replica gear. You can mog the GM/Warlord gear outright now according to a post they made.

So just another 4 months

Vender is missing again :frowning: