No Bloodthirsty Honor Vendor in Stormwind

So the vendors who would be selling the bloodthirsty gear are in the game, they are just selling the lvl 80 honor gear. They havent been updated… Sad.


Blizzard always forgetting about PVP.

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Why would the new honor gear be in game when the new season doesn’t start until the 26th?

Get a new computer chair. Yours stinks.

Conquest can’t be earned until arena is open but honor has always been able to be farmed in prepatch and spent upon hitting level cap.

the only exception was belt and boots as off pieces which were available for purchase but required 1000 arena rating thus making them impossible to purchase until the season started.

tl;dr why would we be able to? we always have been.


We’ve got an issue that we’re working to fix.

We plan to spawn the PvP vendors selling Bloodthirsty (iLvl 352) gear as soon as we can.


I’m filled with excitement to start getting ready to pvp!
And thank you for confirming I’m not crazy sometimes it feels like enough people tell you it wasn’t supposed to be in the game you start questioning yourself after awhile.

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Thank you good sir!

Huge! thanks for the update!

Because the honor gear has always been available on release. It’s been this way for the last two expansions

You have a lot of issues you’re ignoring as well.

Incompetence or malice? Which one is responsible for this launch?

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How about the missing honor-jp conversion?


Still getting shards/badges shows the new AI they’re using to make games sucks.

relax kiddo

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That’s bait

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thats someone who hasnt hit the gym in years

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Small team overworked with 6 different versions of the same game. They’re actively hiring

Era, hc, sod, cata, how is 4 6? And era and hc are develolment free at this point.

Sod and cata are already enough work, no need to inflate it

how is this vendor still not in the game yet?

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and here we have discovered the reason as to why even blizzard own GMs avoid these forums