No Bloodthirsty Honor Vendor in Stormwind

There is no honor vendor for level 85 Bloodthirsty gear in the Stormwind War Room. Please add so we can spend our cap and start farming honor!


Pretty sure it will be added when pvp season starts.

For previous seasons and expansions in wrath and TBC offpieces and the blue set were usually available before the arenas opened.


Check after reset. Probably not in game because they didn’t reset servers on launch, just let us go, so the npc isnt there yet(?).

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Praying that this is the case

I hope they fix this soon. The Justice Point vendor is in and Honor gear is the PvP equivalent.

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How is this normal honor pvp vendor not in the game yet?

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Somehow they forget to put in the PVP gear in but have left crafted pvp gear at 377 iLevel so it’s looking like a clown fiesta already…

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This Vendor should have been added in with the prepatch just like the justice and valor vendor was in the game.


That has been exactly how TBC and wrath has handled each season, yet with 0 warning the gear is currently missing and we don’t even know if it’s a bug.

Would be great to get some confirmation from blizzard with so many issues popping up already.

377 crafted gear that shouldn’t be in, vendors missing that should be in.

Not exactly a smooth recovery after the great publicity prepatch’s stability got.


The vendors are on the Cata Beta.
Blood Guard Zar’shi - - Sells Bloodthirsty.

Sergeant Thunderhorn - - Sells Vicious

Doris Chiltonius - - Sells Vicious Rating Restricted gear.

Trying to start the 85 pvp gearing process but nothing to spend it on due to no vendors and can’t keep grinding bgs since I’m at 4k honor cap.



So the vendors who would be selling the bloodthirsty gear are in the game, they are just selling the lvl 80 honor gear. They havent been updated… Sad.


Blizzard always forgetting about PVP.

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Why would the new honor gear be in game when the new season doesn’t start until the 26th?

Get a new computer chair. Yours stinks.

Conquest can’t be earned until arena is open but honor has always been able to be farmed in prepatch and spent upon hitting level cap.

the only exception was belt and boots as off pieces which were available for purchase but required 1000 arena rating thus making them impossible to purchase until the season started.

tl;dr why would we be able to? we always have been.


We’ve got an issue that we’re working to fix.

We plan to spawn the PvP vendors selling Bloodthirsty (iLvl 352) gear as soon as we can.


I’m filled with excitement to start getting ready to pvp!
And thank you for confirming I’m not crazy sometimes it feels like enough people tell you it wasn’t supposed to be in the game you start questioning yourself after awhile.

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Thank you good sir!