No Battlegroups?

is there actual confirmation of region-wide crbg’s, or is this just another rumor gone wild?

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No confirmation I have seen. Only that it will be CR.

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It is confirmed in the blue post discussing 1.13 tomorrow.


Their statement leads me to believe all of NA will be queued together, as will EU and so on.


But I wanna play with the EU buddies! :stuck_out_tongue:

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from the blue post today


The only thing that was mentioned is that you will be grouped with/against players from ALL realms in your region; People have taken this statement quite literally thinking that all EU realms will be in one pool, one single pool for US servers etc and it could very well be the case. One other explanation though, by the use of “region”, could be that East coast US is one Battlegroup, West coast is seperate etc.

I have seen no confirmation, but as I understand it battlegroups were more of a technical limitation of the time. Server locations have been consolidated since then and that is why they got rid of the groups, and I don’t expect to see battlegroups in Classic.

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you will most likely see a us west battlegroup and us east BG and same with all the other regions.

here you go

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looks like all players are in a pool 51 and its not battle groups.

That ship has sailed.

read further in the post

Region is typically defined as to where your battle net is restricted.

i did it donesnt say there will be battle masters so you will have to go to the places and queue…lol.

horde will camp the alliance at the pvp queues spots?

you can queue in every major city…

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I see battlemasters horde and alliance side in the cities. Less they plan to picket cities which I don’t see turning out well… With amount people on mostly at once…

my bad it did.

s’all good m’808. go out and educate the masses that horde will never suffer at the hands of the ally pettiness.

they can be children/victims all they want but in the end, blizz comes through… FOR THE HORDE

“In your region”

A lot of people are crying about playing against EU servers and such… not gonna happen.