Ninja Looter - <Epic> GM : Connor

I’ve been in multiple dungeon groups with Connor from levels 50 up, I’ve
seen him agree with everyone in group to “greed-roll” on certain quest
items that EVERYONE needs (LBRS Gems/Stones for example), after agreeing with said group, he proceeds to wait until the group members have “greed-rolled” to ensure he can successfully ninja the items and hits his “need-roll” and uses excuses such as: “I need this for my guild.” to make is seem as though it’s okay that he duped the group…

This player has ruined gaming experiences for many of us and his guild as an entirety is not respected by many on the server…

No matter what someone says - Need if you need, greed if you don’t. It is why that system is set like that in the first place. You said it yourself “items that EVERYONE ‘needs’”. Agreeing to only greed for an arbitrary reason only opens yourself to abuse. I am sorry that this happened to you, but hopefully it won’t happen again.

I have had Dungeon groups form where someone said they were going to ML on the last boss because his item was “ninjad” in past runs. I don’t accept that and just leave, red flags with behavior or statements like that. Don’t let someone tell you to greed on something you legitimately need, not fair to you.


I assume you have screenshot / something to back this up?

Cause I was there when we did his UBRS key ( your LBRS gemstone example). with Obliviani, Mantooth and Kess if I remember correctly… and if I had to guess, I know which one of those 3 players is currently butthurt about our guild

It’s called proper Vanilla-Etiquette… As a respectable and honest player it is my duty to warn others of such an issue.

But as you are implying me a liar, surely you have screenshots to visibly show my dishonesty? If you are the type to support a player ninja-looting because they are your GM and you benefit from them ninja-looting… you are just as bad if not worse. And the guild isn’t respected by many, for a reason…


so just a troll. moving on.

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You’re a Troll and so am I!

Hey Oblivianii how’s it going. My favorite line of yours was “As a respectable and honest player” I personally don’t think there is anything respectable about you. :slight_smile: Have a nice day.

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You know only 1 person has to make the key for everyone to go through the door, right? Please use common sense when making statements like this. You’re making us horde look bad.

Looks like the people who doubted you should be apologizing to you.


That is too funny.

hey hey how goes it bud. enjoying earth fury? or did you transfer again?

oh vlorg, whatever happened to you i wonder? traveling with infant? i mean connor? earth fury or somewhere else?

hey sheen? admiring my potent facts? :smiley: