Nightmare Incursions

It’s good and bad because in the current meta it’s much better to have 2 crafting professions. I don’t think anyone’s main is taking gathering with this, so like you it’ll be an alt’s job.

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Seems like a good thing. Mix things up. Get people interacting with other players. Have a different experience because you’re playing with that ratty alt rather than full main pumper squad.

I think it’s cool. But that’s just me.

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Does this mean i could get an herbalism mission that i literally cannot complete if i don’t have herbalism? how would somebody else in the party having herbalism complete my quest for me?

Just saw this…can’t say im a fan of being locked out of content because of my profession choice and then having to PAY GOLD in order to do it. Also not a huge fan of having to recruit based on profession. Chat going to look like “LF2M herblism/miner”…silly concept imho.

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How many Horde flight paths are in Duskwood? The answer is zero. How many level 25 horde do you honestly think will do this content? Probably zero.


Yeah just another genius iq decision from devs that dont play the game on a pvp server


I assume it’s not timed due to the level range, different zones and that its a PVE event

Honestly yeah. Why is ashenvale not the 25 one

So if I’m not a gatherer I’m just SoL and need to try and buy these off people who are all trying to do the content themselves?

Seems like it’s just DoA for anyone not a gatherer.

I do hope that you can progress without doing these gathering missions at bare minimum. If missions are just randomized with no way to bypass that would be unfortunate.

Ashenvale AND Duskwood should both be level 25 entrances.

yeeeeeep, first mission I got was a skinning mission.

Cant find anyone to group with that has it so thats a rip.

really should let people choose between combat/gathering missions, off to grind dungeons since these suck.

I hate to be “that” guy but the idea to have profession specific quests for professions people don’t have was extremely stupid. I just don’t understand how idiotic things like this end up being pushed through honestly.

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nerf t he gold please

How in the hell did you guys manage to overtune something this badly??? omg hahahah


How much gold they giving?

i started phase 3 at 390 gold. I have 800 now

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I like the idea that they are catering to gathering professions. I know that it’s tough for people who’s only focus is being double crafting profd to min max their parse, but I appreciate that they are making players make choices that affect things outside of raid. Makes the game feel more sandbox in nature, and development should continue in this direction. Open world content is definitely the piece of the game that makes vanilla superior to all other versions of the game, and building on elements of the game that keep people out of instances and in the open world is the right move. Yeah, raids are fun, but the core of classic is in the field. Raids should be a means of obtaining powerful items to be more dominate in the field.

I support anything that trends classic in that direction - ignore the naysayers.

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This is going to be a case study in bad game design.

I expect that SOD has one team that consists of Product people, who come up with some idea, and then they ship the development off to some team at bottom dollar somewhere. A team that doesn’t actually play the game. And they dutifully implement whatever the Product team came up with. Without ANYONE thinking “this is really stupid”. And then the Product team gets delivered content that is about as much fun as stubbing your toe, absolutely unchallenging, and it comes in with no reasonable play testing at scale. Again, because it was done by some external, bottom dollar team. And then they ship it, because they don’t have the resources or the time to actually get more development iterations.

I could go on for hours about what was done wrong here. From making this a non-instanced zone (which meant that basically nobody actually had to kill or do anything beyond watch some other sad sack get aggro), to the fact that you could accumulate most (ALL?) the quests simultaneously because nobody thought out quest sharing, to the fact that they made XP better here than in normal dungeons, to the fact that they messed up the gold payout so they created a class of “haves” who were in the know first and the sorry sacks that learned too late; it just goes on and on.

It’s unfun, it should be completely yanked, deleted from source control, and Blizzard ought to use it as an internal study of how NOT to develop content. TOTAL GARBAGE.


I high-tailed it over to the Nightmare incursions in Ashenvale because people were spamming that they were getting hundreds of gold an hour.

I got in a solid group of 5, and we got into the portal. It was a total crap show, standing around on spawn points aoe’ing trying to get mob-tags… We completed 3 quests (our other two were gathering quests for miner and skinner, so not completable and a total waste of quest slot). We got 75 rep each, and 3 gold each quest… OK I guess…?

I’m still waiting for the “huge gold payout” people were spamming about… Maybe we just got bad quests???

Between the mob-tagging, un-clear quest explanations, NON-INSTANCE pvp crapfest, poor quest payout, we left and went back to Uldaman. Maybe I’ll try it again after it’s been tuned or spawn rates have been increased… It sounds like we will be forced to if the devs stash runes behind this thing.

The gold was nerfed massively already (from 1g40s plus 300% to 45s plus 300% per turn in).

I want classic wow back. :frowning: