Night time removed? Lighting engine broken? Help!

Hmm, UBRS is 5 man, another Cata change apparently. What the hell?

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I noticed the shadows and lighting look more retail than Vanilla.

I’ll be starting up MY authentic reference client soon


The client is obviously different from the vanilla Classic one. I get a notification about updating my Mac OS when starting TBCC and retail, but not from vanilla Classic.

I also had to use a console command to fix my resolution, which was absolutely terrible when I logged in (same thing on retail.)

That screenshot was posted 7 years ago on the mmo-champion forums. Does anyone have an actual screenshot comparison from the current TBC Classic pre-patch?

I just uninstalled Retail a coupe days ago; kinda surprised with how much space it took up

All lighting and shading is broken in TBC. Its really noticeable with non RTX nvidia cards. Blizzard says they are aware of a SSAO issue but is not guaranteeing a fix. Burning Crusade Classic - 2.5.1 Known Issues - May 18, 2021

Here is some screen shots of the shading issue:



I have been noticing the most bizarre visual effect recently that is lighting up grass and weeds near my character when they are moving as if they were near a camp fire. Nothing overt, just 2 to 4 Tufts of it at a time. I wonder if I can get a screen shot…


Here are some screenshots showing it:

Blizzard acknowledges that the improper lighting/shadows are a bug. Further proof is not needed. This thread is about making it known that we, the players, care about this, despite it being “merely” a graphics issue.


You know… Might be on to something I wonder if they are using a newer client like WoD to facilitate the character boosts

They’ve always been using a newer client. Classic itself runs on a modified BfA client so they could make use of 15 years of backend changes for things like security.

With TBC Classic they appear to have started fresh and it runs on a modified Shadowlands client. This is evidenced by the fact that TBCC has Ray Traced Shadows, a feature brand new in Shadowlands and not available in Classic WoW even right now.

That said while they should still fix this, I do change my settings to have a Contrast of 90, Brightness of 45, and Gamma of 1.0.

It’s not perfect, but it helps make the new lighting engine not look so washed out.


It is, I had to manually rebuild several addons that work fine in classic vanilla but not in tbc classic.

Turns out it’s the 9.1 engine and not the 7.3 they had been using.

Gotcha! Thanks for the info. That explains a lot as I have a 3070 and have been noticing some issues that are shared with other games that ray trace, I also noticed my lighting to be different and couldn’t quite place why

I love night time… it needs to be in tbc.


If you rebuilt several addons, you’d probably know that Classic ran on the BfA client, not the Legion client (7.3).

Look at our forum avis. The lighting has changed. My T3 looks brown now and my hair blonde.

yes and the shadowlands engine has had graphics problems since launch that keep getting brought up but blizzard is ignoring it. currently the fix for the issues in shadowlands is to roll back nvidia drivers extremely far back. sadly though it is not fixing current TBC issues. Just sucks, that a problem that was announced months ago is still present because they refuse to fix it and now brought it into their other games. Keep bringing attention to the issue and hopefully they will finally fix it instead of just telling everyone they need to buy new gpu’s.


I didn’t need to rebuild any for Classic, just assumed.

Either way doesn’t change the fact they’re different. Additionally the 7.3 and 8.x are very similar.

The 9.0x is also but it’s got some interesting differences

Having everything be brightly lit all the time makes it look like a gross korean MMO. No idea why retail was changed like that but keep it in retail please

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Retail hasn’t been like that for many years. If there’s an issue, it’s likely unrelated to retail.

I don’t think it’s so much an intended change, as it is just a consequence of using the Shadowlands client and rushing out the pre-patch and TBC before it’s even close to being ready. There are a LOT of things wrong with the client right now. This is just one of them.