Night Fae Campaign, Third Soulbind Not On Companion List

The quest indicated after soulbinding he’d also be a new companion, but there’s no companion there, I’ve tried relogging, activating and unactivating the soulbind, nothing.


I am having the exact same trouble. It’s a little annoying.


Yes. This happened to me as well. I completed the quest and Korayn is not at my mission table even after a relog. I also had a quest exclamation point on my map inside the covenant which disappeared as soon as I completed the soulbind with Korayn. I don’t know what that quest was because it disappeared before I could pick it up. I was only able to see it on the mini map.

After i did the soulbind, i had to click on her and complete the quest to add her but nothing.

Also having the same issue.

Also experiencing this issue. Completed all related quests, logged out multiple times, logged into other characters, checked on WoW companion app and still nothing.

Having the same issue.

Did the campaign, soulbinding and additional quest to add as a companion, but Korayn is not showing up in the mission table companion list.

Same with me. Completed the soulbind quest that said it rewarded them as a companion but they are not in the list at the adventure table.

I am having the same issue.

Same issue! In game prompts led me here so here I am, reporting the issue!

Same issue here. Completed the quest, but no companion.

Same here, seems to be only Korayn. I got Draven on my Venthyr with no issue.

I clicked on “report a bug” in-game and was sent to this forum. Not sure if I’m supposed to say “me too” or not, but I am also having this same issue (Night Fae, completed the campaign, no Korayn companion).

Same as you just said

Same issue here, no companion on the list

anybody did get Korayn? or this happened to all night fae player?

I have the same issue. He is a soulbind, but he is not in my adventurer list.

Confirmed on my alt this morning. Completed quest he did not show up.

samething here

same here, he is standing with the other soulbinds as well