Night Elves deserved to burn


Honestly, who builds an entire civilization in a tree? I’m surprised it hasn’t burnt down already. For a race that claims to be so intelligible, they didn’t think that hey maybe it isn’t so safe to live up here?

(Felsavior) #2

Did they deserve it…debateable. Was it fun to watch? A little. Was the Barbeque good? Heck yes!!

(Swiftraven) #3

Didn’t Zul set Stormwind on fire with a single torch?


“One would expect a city of stone to be a little less…flammable”

Silly humans with their stone castles, they shoulda known better.


Maybe it was built from wood at the time :grin:

(Pharsalus) #6


Cut myself on all that EDGE.

(Hankypanky) #7

I think Humans deserve it more than NEs.

If what happend to the NEs happened to the Humans I wouldn’t have even batted an eye.


(Corvere) #8

Maybe we should set fire to Eversong woods and see how much you like it. Grilled blood elf babies anyone? Because that’s what you did, you flash fried night elf children!


me too!! I hate humans

(Hankypanky) #10

You hate everything. You’re a paladin.

(Anareiel) #11

Same, to be honest.

We’ve waited and waited, while Lil’ Orphan Andy sorts out his ‘daddy’ issues.
Then, the one time(the ONE TIME), we come to him for help, we’re told to be ‘paitent and wait your turn’.


If it wasn’t for Genn…KING Genn, who remembers his true friends and allies, we’d be having it even worse.

#1 item on holiday wish list = King Genn slaps some sense into that boy.


Has anyone ever seen a Night Elf child ? In game or books or otherwise ? Not disputing your comment, just wondering if they were ever depicted anywhere.

(Swiftraven) #13

somebody’s salty about getting kicked out of Silvermoon


yah during childrens’ week

(Grandblade) #15

Get on your Forsaken main.

(Anareiel) #16

With the world as it is?
They are safe; we do not expose our helpless very young to danger.

(Highpaws) #17

all elves deserve to burn.

(Nearo) #18

Too obvious.



I agree maybe we should burn void elves next since they just came outta nowhere

(Tentaclatrix) #20

It’s Ironic this is coming from a human, who lost half their civilization during the third war.

Guess you guys deserved it because who eats plagued grain Hur Hur.