Night Elf WF armor. Gold or Silver?

(Lithya) #1

You can view the gold versions here:

I found it odd that rather than silver the purple armor has gold lining instead.
I though to do a little edit.

Which versions do you guys prefer? Gold or Silver?

(Andrin) #2

overall very meh for me though the leather set looks terrible lol

(Sorelai) #3

Not really a fan of any of it. Luckily we can transmog out of it.


I was excited for the silver and purple plate but then I saw how bad everything Darkshore is :frowning:
I’ll keep this outfit for a while longer, it’s really cute anyway and I’m one piece away from the silver heroic recolour.

(Kakurine) #5

To be honest i like more tropie fantasy armor especially on the gals. I’m human sue me. It is just fun and cool to me.

So disapointed by seeing much the same standardized stuff. Some parts as usual look nice but thats it as a whole i won’t use the sets.

The thing is that when it comes to wow vs other games. Blizzard generally doesnt give players as much super sexualized armor or character models as other games. Of course a large portion of other material wow has the ladies armor and designs are purposely idealized and showing more skin.

And what is in game is pretty scatterred and divided by armor type.

Not saying all armor must be one extreme or the other. I would prefer a nice big library of variety for all. Thats the point of xmog features creative freedom. Scanky fantasy armor for all i say.

Armor exists for us to say “oooooohhhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhh, that looks sexy/badass/cool/etc.”. It isn’t there to ask if it would work in real life or to talk about physics. In game we break the laws of reality all the time.

Magic exists in the fantasy universe and bresks any rule of reality to begin with. We mite as well assume magical armor generates a invisible shield blocking attacks regardless of what is or isn’t covered.

Its like superman or wonderwomen. Both could fight butt naked and be fine. They are nearly physically invulnerable.

(Jaou) #6

Silver. Silver and purple for life.

(Kaznarok) #7

I feel Night elves work better with Silver then Gold, Blood elves on the other hand work better with Gold then Silver.