Night Elf Mega Thread - Please Stop Blizzard


And having 2 demigods not permanently kill a dumb guy with a bow and an undead factory is better?

That scenario is not balanced at all unless the Horde take a named NPC loss permanently.

Guess there’s no point arguing it now, it’s done, still dumb though.

(Nillah) #18

I agree he should have died, definitely. But I’m being realistic, they’re not going to kill him off. He’s a self insert and “important” to the story somehow. He’ll die whenever Sylvanas dies. If at all.


Also, having to make peace with the faction that has the genocide of your people as a glorious victory in their history books is a punch in the face.

(Thèón) #20

Its not seen as a glorious victory. At all.


It was at the time and most horde races seemed to show no regret at all for what was done. They only turned their back on Sylvanas after they were told that they are nothing for her.


The only good elf is a dead elf

Not an undead elf, just a dead dead elf


It’s about time Blizzard pay attention to player dissatisfaction and resolve their problems with unequal and absurd story telling.

(Aellom) #24

Blizzard just needs to remember their roots:

(Lebli) #25

-The Dalaran Purge of the Sunreavers.
-Camp Taurajo.
-The eco-terrorist attack on goblin miners in Silithus.
-The use of fire elementals to slaughter hundreds of goblins at a time at a peaceful mining camp in Zandalar.
-The attempted extermination of the orcs before they migrated to Kalimdor
-Garithos. Just… SERIOUSLY, this guy.
Yeah. Night elves are clearly the only ones that have it so bad.
And this is just off the top of my head, I know there’s more.


None of these are even comparable to the night elves that have lost everything and instead of their story going uphill, blizzard beats them while they’re down.


What’s funny is Malfurion is supposed to be this powerful being, I slapped around Val’kyr all throughout my adventures and he can’t take one or two of them?

(Voxplaga) #28

I agree with the post, but let’s be honest, the writers will write anyone as a poorly written dope to advance a plot they just have to advance. For instance, saurfang just going along with the war because “peace won’t last forever”, anduin and genn sieging lorderon without a counter to the blight, etc. It would end up being a good sized list if we listed all the times the writers dumbed down a character because if they were as smart as usual they wouldn’t take certain actions.

(Lebli) #29

Garithos nearly killing off the last refugees of the high/blood elves when their city is still overrun with the scourge isn’t kicking a group of elves while they’re down when their capital and most of their homelands has been effectively burnt to the ground isn’t the same as kicking a group of elves while they’re down because an ex-scourge overran and burnt their homeland to the ground?
Honestly these seem like basically the same thing, and ironically, one of these moved said group of elves from the Alliance back to neutrality, then eventually to the Horde.
Yes most of the rest aren’t quite genocide levels, but to say no race doesn’t get repeatedly kicked around is pretty much putting on the blinders.
It’s almost like a game company is enforcing a war that makes no sense at times…


Then again you have to consider that the blood elves got their revenge against arthas atleast while the night elves are made fun of further by forcing them to side with the people who murdered them.

It’s like the blood elves siding with the lich king and the scourge.

(Nillah) #31

Were ya’ll forced to become friends and allies with him afterwards?

(Kirela) #32

If you are truly wanting to provide feedback, I would change the first two sentences…

With that said, it is bunk that Alliance hasn’t received any meaningful choices with quests or extra cut scenes.

(Lebli) #33

…something that only took the launch of an MMO and two expansions later.
Rather than one content patch. Hopefully we’ll see something later, but it might be a long game.

(Nimii) #34

If this were to happen, then let the Kaldorei DH’s join the Horde. After all, we were persecuted by our short sided kin, just saying.

For the Horde !

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How much longer should NE wait? The Horde have been destroying NE zones since Cata/MoP. Any territories supposedly reclaimed in the books is never shown in game and it is not explained. If the zones can be so easily changed to suit a Horde narrative, they can just as easily be changed to show NE reclaimed the land.

Yes, it NEVER made sense that Genn would show up with Anduin and all the Alliance forces to the literal epicenter of the blight and not have at least gas masks…like they would have just forgotten what happened to Gilneas.

They are able to easily hide oversights like this with flashy flying ships and Jaina saving they day. But the way Night Elves are being treated highlights just how bad / biased the writing is.