Night Elf Mega Thread - Please Stop Blizzard

(Murgatroyd) #6

Yes it was - as if a single unnamed Val’kyr balances the scales for the thousands burned alive when Teldrassil went up in flames.


I just want positive content for once. I don’t want the game to only focus on Night Elves, but every damn time the Night Elves are involved they just lose.

BfA was the final blow to the race, they are completely on the ground now.

Make a patch where the Night elf story goes uphill, just one single time.


I dont want to be negative, but after whats happened?.. Lets face it, blizz has had ever opportunity to redeem the night elves to their rightful status. they’ve had more then enough of their fans plees and cries to listen to, but have they listened? not in my opinion. sure, they gave tyrande some cool powers, but what good are powers if they aren’t used? instead she’s just been side-lined with the rest of the race. and if that wasn’t bad enough… they’ve added that whole 8.2.5 “where is tyrande” text. Now that really felt like a slap in the face.
but, i still hope against hope… as others have stated before, maybe thats foreshadowing for something involving tyrande… although whether that something is good or just another insult is yet to be revealed.


No guys it’s ok, Blizz made that badass Darkshore cinematic with the Night elves!

Was that not enough?

We’re Demigod Tyrande and Demigod Malfurion supposed to kill one of Sylvanas’ extra lives AND the self insert OC?

And set the Horde back? Nonsense.

(Thèón) #10

Oh my lord…


Please allow me to keep following Slyvanas and keep killing every night and void elf on sight because of reasons.

(Nillah) #12

Honestly if they’d let her kill Nathanos and then had Sylvanas use that val’kyr to bring him back, that would have felt SO much freaking better.


I doubt they’ll turn Tyrande into a villain. But they’ll still make her responsible for resetting the faction status quo so they can continue to get those sweet sweet faction transfers.


I don’t see how that’s better, the end result is the same, Nathanos lives and they’re out one Valkyr.

If they brought Nathanos back but he was a vegetable forever and royally ticked Sylvanas off, then I’d be ok with it.


It would be better in that it showed Sylvanas actually had something she cared about. And also forcing her to sacrifice something important rather than simply taking it from her, would have been more interesting.

(Nillah) #16

Uh because having two demigods unable to kill a dumb guy with a bow looks and feels really, really bad? It’s the same ending but it makes a lot more sense that way.


And having 2 demigods not permanently kill a dumb guy with a bow and an undead factory is better?

That scenario is not balanced at all unless the Horde take a named NPC loss permanently.

Guess there’s no point arguing it now, it’s done, still dumb though.

(Nillah) #18

I agree he should have died, definitely. But I’m being realistic, they’re not going to kill him off. He’s a self insert and “important” to the story somehow. He’ll die whenever Sylvanas dies. If at all.


Also, having to make peace with the faction that has the genocide of your people as a glorious victory in their history books is a punch in the face.

(Thèón) #20

Its not seen as a glorious victory. At all.


It was at the time and most horde races seemed to show no regret at all for what was done. They only turned their back on Sylvanas after they were told that they are nothing for her.


The only good elf is a dead elf

Not an undead elf, just a dead dead elf


It’s about time Blizzard pay attention to player dissatisfaction and resolve their problems with unequal and absurd story telling.

(Aellom) #24

Blizzard just needs to remember their roots:

(Lebli) #25

-The Dalaran Purge of the Sunreavers.
-Camp Taurajo.
-The eco-terrorist attack on goblin miners in Silithus.
-The use of fire elementals to slaughter hundreds of goblins at a time at a peaceful mining camp in Zandalar.
-The attempted extermination of the orcs before they migrated to Kalimdor
-Garithos. Just… SERIOUSLY, this guy.
Yeah. Night elves are clearly the only ones that have it so bad.
And this is just off the top of my head, I know there’s more.