Night elf guilds

I am looking to reroll from grob horde to alliance here. Grob is really not an rp realm at all right now. Anyways are there any nelf guilds here?

So, if you are going to re-roll and not RP why not re-roll on a Non-RP server? Don’t contribute to what you see as a problem.

Vengeance of Elune


How did you get that from his post?

OP…Hagrim has pointed you toward your best bet on the server. Skorpius or Erodindor are good points of contact there…

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How did I get what?
The OP re-rolling and not RP’ing after having said the realm really wasn’t an RP realm right now?

It makes sense to me but I may have read into it wrong.

To me looking for a Night Elf only guild means liking the interaction of the classes within the race, or favoring the aesthetic.

I think the correct interpretation of his post is that he’s disappointed at the lack of RP on grob and wanted to reroll here, hoping for more RP.


**Smacks myself **

Of course! I promise I’m not dense!


It’s all good bud and thanks for the replies. Grob has so many non rp transfers and trolls that the server should not ne classified as rp anymore. But i will for sure hit up these good folks!