Next update?

March 1st: Classic Update
March 11th: Classic Content Plan
March 19: Alterac Valley in Classic
March 22: Loot Trading in Classic
March 28: Spell Batching in Classic
April 8th: PvP Content Plan

Ladies and gentlemen, what do you think the next update will be?

I would guess sharding or population management, but I believe that is something they have to figure out in the days after release.

I believe it’s either specific progressive itemization plans or possibly release date/testing phase.

EDIT: Wanted to add - We’re 70 days out from the start of summer (June 21), 50 days if you consider June 1st to be the start.

I feel like we’re just about overdue for a specific release date.


release date would be the #1 thing to update us on right now but i doubt they will. The build up never gets old it seems. (to them of course)


Based on forum threads the main things left for them to talk about I’d say are sharding, population caps, right click reporting, or giving us a release date.

Which I don’t think they’ll bother saying much about RcR unless they plan on changing something about it. My guess would be either sharding with a little about population caps(since they’d depend on sharding) or a release date.

I think this will bring me back to wow for a long time. As im sad to see the current game fail, this will be fun.


It could be updates on client build info, API, etc…

I think the next likely update may be a catch all, answering several of the questions the community has been mulling over.

I suspect a release date will be the next update. Blizzard are pros at generating hype, and a release date will pull in the population that plans to play but aren’t active on forums and whatnot. For a summer release they need to start engaging that community.

A general overview seems possible. Something similar to the first update “Classic Update”.

You forgot to list the update about warlock demons not being dismissed until the new demon summoning was complete. Remember the thousands of threads asking about that?

This was in the post titled “Classic Update” on March 1st.

Ahh, seems like they failed on the thread title for that one, lol!

lol. To be fair, it was the first update for classic.

I just wish they would do the updates at a set time of the week so i don’t have to be anxiously checking every 10 min of every day of the week.

I understand this mentality.

The only problem is say they have the schedule update every Thursday, but this Thursday they don’t have any new info. They post “no news this week”. Then on Friday they have news. Would you rather them tell you on Friday or wait til next Thursday?

I’m not equipped to answer these kinds of questions. Just thinking of the meme of the guy with the 2 buttons to press. lol

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