Next update

What does everyone in the community think that our next blue post will entail? A release date? battleground plan? sharding / other server stability information? Server information? Alterac valley change? Or other possible information?

-Sinclaire -Torch-

I’m hoping for Beta announcement


I’m hoping a definite answer on guild banks.

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I sincerely doubt there will be a beta.
Probably a release date, and for the VERY OPTIMISTIC, maybe tomorrow at PAX?

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Next update is probably going to be about how battlegrounds and their rewards are going to be dealt with. From the AV Blue post thread.

So that’s the most likely.

I’m hoping that Blizzard makes the right choice and doesn’t include them.


Guild banks are really not needed. Look at most Guild banks now. they are full of crap.


The desire for guild banks for me personally isn’t about the inventory room they give. It’s about the security and reliable logs.

Feel free to read the multitude of threads on it for more details, I won’t go into it more because I don’t want to derail the thread.

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I’m really hoping for a release date, 2 months away from June and still nothing lol. Kinda hard to have a classic summer if it launches in September.

-Sinclaire -Torch-

I imagine we’ll get an update at pax, since pax is pretty much run by the target classic demographic.

Next update will be a blue post on April Fools day where they tell us they are putting all the unwanted/unpopular things in Classic.

Followed by 100 comments of people being angry that Blizzard is making a joke instead of giving us Classic.


I am going to guess it’s a pvp update.

These are the same people who will complain that Blizz “hates fun.”


I’m hoping they just release a date, I have to request off work 4 weeks in advance lol

Saw a guy the other day say that if Blizzard doesn’t do an April Fools joke for Classic then they obviously don’t care about the project.

Next update will be about 1.5 av


Jesus, I hope not.

-Sinclaire -Torch-

PvP timeline, with a possible yay/nay on CRBG.

Then, release date.

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I’ll answer this one for you man DW.

The answer is an obvious no. Best said while laughing too.

You already have one and the answer is no. They are not going to address this.

Maybe this whole thing is an April fools joke.

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