Next update

(Sabever) #19

You already have one and the answer is no. They are not going to address this.


Maybe this whole thing is an April fools joke.

(Kiki) #21

Probably a pvp timeline update.
But the optimistic part of me is hoping for a beta announcement (it’s my birthday! pretty please?)


This is my guess.

(Nakadashi) #23

Don’t know, don’t care. It’s all drugs to me.


Well - turns out it’s spell batching:


Jesus christ they are adding spell batching.

There is NO reason not to love blizzard right now. You know clunky of a change this is for a company to make for the spirit of authenticity?

I’m actually impressed.


I went to update my FAQ and I can’t update it because of links -_-

Get yo Sh!t together Blizz.

P.S.: Thanks for the batching.

(Skjaldbjorn) #27

I want news on server caps, and their plans for fixing server populations after all the tourists leave.


That’s some of the most malleable, I wouldn’t expect that until VERY close to launch.


Spell batching set to 2004 levels is moronic beyond moronic…

What’s next? Forcing 800x480 resolution cuz “MUH BLIZZLIKE”


Don’t play classic =D

(Matcauthon) #31

Authentic gameplay is the goal. Sorry yoy don’t like it.

(Thundertotem) #33

Someone is salty. I don’t agree with it either but it is what it is. Blizzard felt it brings the game closer to the vanilla experience.


I’m all for a vanilla experience, but forcing stupid “Features” like this are braindead. It just makes for your character feeling unresponsive.

(Thundertotem) #36

But wow is not a FPS…

(Thundertotem) #40

yeah…like people are gonna take your concerns seriously now.

(Brokenwind) #44

Quite frankly I doubt they have a clue how they will handle it. I often wonder if those who will have to deal with it had anything to do with the decision to combine the subs.


That’s a massive apples to oranges comparison you got going there bud.

(Matcauthon) #48

But you said good and bad is not subjective. It’s entirely subjective.