Next Stress Test


I am reading it will take place this week the 16th thru 18th than some other posts are saying 25th and 26th. I know it says subject to change I’d just like to know if someone else has a solid date.


Next week, that is the most recent blue post on the matter.


Thank you so much Katerina, the post I read that said 18-19th was from tomsguide which isn’t a bad source and was posted 8 days ago hence the confusion. Since I’m not seeing any updates or much info on the next one it’s safe to assume next week we’ll have the last testing. See you in classic.


FYI - latest update (see classic discussion forums) is that the next stress test is delayed again, with no date specified. They aren’t ready for it and will announce the new date “soon”.


Cross posting it here just so it’s in one place, they were not prepared™.


what time in the Americas for the stress test on the 25th


See two posts up, no stress test on the 25th.

They haven’t posted any updates since, at least to my knowledge.


On 8 / 26 / 19 time On the edt and 3:00. pm edt that is the time and date the U .S. will start, wow classic


So 3 pm and then again at 6pm huh? cool


I’m thinking the servers open at 3pm, will get slammed by people trying to log in, and the realistic time everything should be playable is 6pm. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Jokes aside:


There was more information regarding system specs, but that’s outside the scope of this discussion topic.