Next season bursting

With the healer mana and mass dispell changes next season i have a feeling that bursting is going to be really bad. Devs please take the bursting affix out if you’re going to make those healer/priest changes.

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Maybe they could change it back to % max HP based and undispellable like it was in Legion and BFA.

It would be just as bad if they did this. Part of why they moved away from percent of max health was because it was so punishing.

I think the bigger issue is bursting is scaling quite hard against health pools this expansion. It was relatively manageable in SL even to a semi-high stack unless you just did a terrible refresh (e.g. 4 about to expire into 7).

This season it is manageable but I don’t know if that will be the case next season when aoe heals are gonna burn through healers mana and mass dispel is going to be used less often.

What a :poop: idea.

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Undispellable, but stacks don’t refresh duration so you take a flat amount of damage for each mob you kill. There, I fixed it.


I liked what the devs were talking about in a few interviews when they said affixes should never be more important than the mob pack you’re fighting, which was the rationale for them deleting affixes like necrotic and explosive. I think that if such an approach were to remain consistent then current bursting doesn’t belong anymore

Its really not going to be much of an issue at all.

…for those of us who won’t bother playing that week.

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Ehh more keys for me too go into. Like man the affixes are soo incredibly nerfed compared to how they used to be, most are basically irrelevant nowadays.

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I don’t know how you think more people skipping = more keys.

And yet still no one can be bothered with them. Funny that.

Because as DPS, those skippers would have been competition for pug slots.

OTOH, if skill positions start skipping there will be fewer pugs to apply to.

If it’s bursting, I can guarantee you it will be mostly the healers.

More healers not doing keys means more keys for me aka healer…
Kinda obvious in how that works m8.

Operative word there being mostly.