Next patch: Fratures in time

Then you have Mag’har warlocks.

The living and breathing oxymoron.

There is. They were Lightforged that died during the ‘Fourth War’ (aka BFA) that Bolvar had collected and made into DK’s since he knew that Sylvanas was coming for him soon.

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The questline for the new Evoker spec is not really a questline. The spec’s already unlocked when you log in, but Viridia asks you to go meet Ebyssian and Emberthal at the imprisoned dragon on the Forbidden Reach. You free her, she attacks you but then recognizes Emberthal, and that’s it.

I was excited to finally have a black flight spec but I’m not really digging Augmentation compared to Devastation. That’s really a shame. It not having a standard 3 minute DPS cooldown is also really weird to me, though minor I guess.

I’m looking at abilities in the dungeon journal now and it looks like the proto-dragon Aspects help in the final boss (Chrono-Lord Deios). They don’t have any descriptions yet but there’s a section called “Proto-Aspect Allies” with “Alexstrasza’s Presence”, “Malygos’s Presence”, etc.

Also there’s an achievement for completing races in Kalimdor. Like one race for the entire continent. The achievement lists Kalimdor, Kalimdor Reverse, and Kalimdor Advanced. Also I’m pretty sure they increased view distance again because Hyjal looks way more clear from Org than I’m pretty sure it does on live, probably to account for the race.


Makes sense imo. Compared to the Dragon Isles, the other continents are the size of babies in comparison from a gameplay pov.

I’m guessing Paladin is next up on the list of classes being available to everyone. Just need a few mount models to distribute or update, and several races can share the models.

Plenty of stuff over on wowhead and a link to the PTR patch notes too.


While i’m happy about some of the new options, i do agree that i don’t nor have i ever liked the idea of every race having every class. Maghar Warlocks are a bit ridiculous and Lightforged Warlocks are also ridiculous. Unless they’re using Lightforged Demons like Lothraxxian or something.

But yeah i think giving all classes to all races is generally a bad idea even if a lot of people are for it. I believe it’s going to further dilute class fantasy especially of things like Paladins if you see stuff like Undead or Orc Paladins running around. Or even Gnome druids.


It looks like Azmerloth is making a return, along with some other alternate timelines:

  • Time Rifts - Black Empire (Azq’roth)
  • Time Rifts - Demon (Azewrath)
  • Time Rifts - HvA (The Warlands)
  • Time Rifts - Murloc (Azmerloth)
  • Time Rifts - Robot (A.Z.E.R.O.T.H.)
  • Time Rifts - Scourge (Azmourne)
  • Time Rifts - Titan (Ulderoth)

Oh sounds promising!

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Azmerloth is a timeline altered to have a Murloc as a base so that won’t dissipate at any time unlike the others.

We were responsible for that alteration to that particular AU.

No longer is Azmerloth drawing from a constantly shifting river but from a single Murloc.

AUs fade due to their base constantly changing so in order to keep them permanent you need to alter them to have a different base. Azmerloth is the first known AU of that sort.

Here’s a list of mounts obtained through the Time Rift events.

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A new titan-forged has been datamined: High Keeper Orendi, whose title is “Hand of Freya.” Different Sholazian, Un’gorian, and Fuzani wildlife have also been datamined—the three locations of Freya’s work to guide the development of new lifeforms. This could tie into future World Tree or Emerald Dream storylines.


If that were ever true, my Night Elf hunter should be getting suspicious side-eye walking the streets or entering the inn and shops of Stormwind with her two very dangerous big cats.

My Human Warlock should have been chased out of Darnassus or the Exodar. The only time it ever mattered was my Death Knight’s Walk of Shame and one Imperial order ended that for good.

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I really like these - these timeway snippets are a good way to show the player “what would have happened if we lost X battle/raid/expansion” and I hope they’re strongly framed that way.


It’s too early to tell if Iridikron will actually die in the dungeon. It’s going to depend on whether it’s him from the present going back in time to Galakrond’s fall or if it’s merely a past version of himself, or even if it’s just an alternate timeline version altogether.


I have to point out how stupid this is that these races are able to become warlocks. Its just gonna be another bunch of players demanding lore and story and representation when any warlock shows up, then it will be paladins and mages and druids. Honestly can’t they just let races just have some individuality?


No. They can’t and thats good. Want some individuality, go play a single player game.

More combos and customizations are always good, we are past the days of racials, class/race combos to max out dps, only the 1% at the top still do a semblance of what it was, so let ppl play with what they want. This is just a game at the end of the day and not everything need an explanation.

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actually it is the exact opposite, More combo’s means more people paying to now move their charcter over to new race TOO max and min. Just going to end up with a bunch of Maghar Warlocks now because they get bonuses to pets. or Night elf paladins because of shadowmeld.

Honestly its to the games detriment as it makes the Classes shallow representations of what they use to mean.

Looks like it was missed, but it’s another really good change. All we need now is to be lvl 40 to unlock allied races and new characters learn mount riding automatically as they level, saving on gold.

It’s a really important change for people like me. I can finally unlock the remaining alliance AR races and the Nightborne horde side when I get around to it


Wouldn’t put past Blizzard to eventually do so.

The only thing that is currently holding them back, is the fact that certain classes require from additional unique cosmetics for each race: mounts, Druid forms, etc.

The reason they did this for warlocks, and with almost every other class, is because it can be easily implemented without involving the art and design team, in order to create additional assets ingame.

After all, the demon models aren’t unique depending on the warlocks race, so any work they do on them, is applied across all playable collectives.

Once they have enough time to create some extra models, yeah, I can see them eventually implementing other combos.