Next Allied Races? 8.2? 8.3?


Omg you know, that would be really interesting too.

Gosh, I never thought about that.

(Alamara) #143

My guesses, explained:

There’ll be four more allied races in BfA.

  • Basis:
    – There’s space in the allied race character creation banners for exactly four more races, two per faction.
    – There’s still two major patches coming, and allied races come in pairs, so one pair per major patch.
    – Blizzard actually said there would be more allied races in the future
    – Blizzard also said they have not finalized all allied race details, which means they are working on more.


  • Basis:
    – Vulpera model was completely redone during alpha, evolving from a NPC-only model that was incapable of facial expressions (eyes painted on skull, unable to move and blink, for instance) to a fully new almost-playable model able to use gear, with lots of customizations and new animations (which include jumping and the Heart of Azeroth animation)
    – All vulpera model needs to become fully playable quality is adjustments to shoulder armor size, helmets, a few specific gear geosets and a few new animations. They are more refined now than kul tirans were two months ago, when 8.1.5 PTR was made available.
    – Vulpera proved to be popular
    – I’d say their chance of being playable is above 90%.

Junker gnomes

  • Basis:
    – During early WoD, a thread in MMO-C made several mock-ups for “subraces”. One of them, a half-mechanical gnomes, was commented as a cool idea by devs in Twitter.
    – Junker gnome mentions were datamined in several files since 8.0. From a “junker gnome island” to a “junker” (half-mechanical) prairie dog pet. There’s also the abandoned gnome area in Tiragarde Sound and several engineering weapons with color schemes that match the area and the junker pet. The many mentions in files made people speculate on a junker gnome allied race since alpha.
    – Gnomes are one available model not yet used by an allied race, so a race based on it is very likely.
    – Gnome characters in BfA have hinted at wanting to “become machines”. One is Kelsey Steelspark in the war campaign. Another comment on that regard is Galliwyx questioning if Mekkatorque’s objective is to become a machine (during Horde war campaign). These may be foreshadowing of the future allied race.
    – Mechagon island and dungeon were confirmed for 8.2. While the Horde storyline is about goblins stealing tech, the Alliance storyline is about helping the half-mechanical commoners fight their tyrannical high-mechanized nobles. A perfect setup for an allied race, a lot like the nightborne storyline.
    – “Mechagnomes” shown in the last Blizzcon presentation hint at lots of customization options, but until we see the actual models through datamining they could just be flavorful NPCs (or even just be the high-mechanized nobles cited above).
    – I’d say their chance of being playable is around 60%. Far less sure than vulpera, but way above any other potential allied race right now.

Ogres (or mok’nathal).

  • Basis:
    – When WoD was released and people questioned if Blizzard planned to use the WoD ogre models to replace the Azeroth ones, the answer was that the plan was to make proper HD models for the old ogres instead.
    – Kul tiran model is a perfect basis for an ogre race. Since the kul tiran model is totally new, it cost a lot of resources, and it makes sense for Blizzard to reuse it.
    – Rexxar model is based on male kul tiran’. Despite being a NPC that wears a mask, there’s a whole head model bellow it that is essentially an HD version of the old ogre model. This implies Blizzard is at least working on the above mentioned HD version of the old world ogre.
    – The bloodmatrons of the blood trolls use a model based on female kul tiran that also looks a lot like a female ogre would.
    – Rexxar is an active character in BfA, and could be used to bring either the mok’nathal or his Stonemaul ogre followers to the fight.
    – I’d say their chance of being playable is around 50% right now.

“Lightforged Undead” (“Redeemed”)

  • Basis:
    Before the Storm novel introduces Calia Menethil as some sort of light-animated revenant, different from the Forsaken.
    – Current storyline implies Derek Proudmoore will be sent to meet Calia.
    – If the ogre theory above is right, then Horde is getting an Alliance model, which means the Alliance could get a model based on a Horde model, the undead, in exchange.
    – Datamined material from 8.1.5 implies a storyline in Tirisfal, about the Scarlet Crusade reforming to expel the remaining undead from Lordaeron, including Calia. What’s she doing in Tirisfal?
    – Personally, I don’t think the above is a lot of evidence, but there’s at least story hints towards it. For now, I’d say it’s bellow 20% chance, but above many other suggested allied races.


  • Gilblins: Not popular at all, competes with the way more popular and already resource-spent-heavy vulpera as the goblin variant. And, as per Blizzcon, our allies in Nazjatar will be individuals, not races. Possible, but not likely.
  • Deep ginyu (Ankoa/ankora/whatever): For now we only have a single piece of concept art. Model could look totally different. Devs said their race is near-extinct and are just sacrificing themselves to defeat the naga at any cost. And, again, we will ally with individuals, not races, in 8.2. For now, I say people are too hasty to count on them as a allied race. We should wait for 8.2 datamining.
  • San’layn: Like sethrak, I don’t think Blizzard planned to make these guys playable. However, they are very easy to implement, their base model (blood elf) wasn’t used for an allied race in the Horde yet, and they are a fan-favorite. I think it’s the most likely Horde allied race to be added in a future expansion, but not BfA itself.
  • Sethrak: Unlike the vulpera, they do not feel like a race planned to be made playable. Their model has some high-quality aspects, but can’t equip gear nor have differentiated genders. Their supposed future faction, the Alliance, barely interacts with them. However, fan response could make Blizzard reconsider them for a future race. Also, their model is partially based on worgen’s, which is still available for an allied race. Who knows? Let’s wait and see.
  • High elves: As much as it pains me, I must admit that they are very very unlikely at this point. Fan outcry may make Blizzard reconsider, but not any time soon.
  • Saberon: I say there’s no chance, at least until they actually do something and are fleshed out. Even for NPCs, this race has barely any development. However, they were recently introduced in Azeroth and they use the worgen model, so it’s kinda possible, maybe.
  • Night elf worgen: I don’t see anything pointing towards that ever happening. Won’t count on it until we see evidence supporting it. For now, it’s just a request from very few fans.

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(Lejk) #144

I think they would be a great choice.

I’m totally into Ethereals as a playable race, and to be honest I’m not particularly fussed which faction they end up on.

Just give my that non-corporeal goodness!


I think something like that, would warrant a whole expansion revolving around their entire existence. I wouldn’t really care what side they landed on either. Would be cool if they did it the way of the Panda, and let you choose what side you could be on.

(Syegfryed) #146

8.2 - Vulpera & Mechagnomes

8.3 - Ogres & Sethrak

Anything who is not this is BS

Lightforged undead is the most obnoxious allied race i ever seen being discussed, i just don’t know why people would want to play something like this, no purpose.


I don’t think anyone WANTS to play Lightforged Undead. It’s just what Alliance players are expecting from the quality of our existing Allied Races is all.

(Syegfryed) #148

i already seen many people asking for then, not just expecting

And the completely silence towards then means people are totally fine with

(Alamara) #149

Indeed. After lightforged, void elves, fat humans and possibly junker gnomes, all races that came out of nowhere, is anyone surprised that we may end up with another behind-spawned idea?

But I think the name “lightforged undead” is a misnomer. I think these guys are less like undead and more like holy avatars of the Light (which makes them redundant with the Lightforged anyway). I’m kinda expecting “holy thin humans” or “holy humans” that are created out of undead rather than simply undead models with golden particles.

Not that make me any eager to have them… I’m just trying to make sense of it all.

Vulpera Megathread 2 :fox_face:
(Nicodemùs) #150

The proper name is The Redeemed. It’s a counter name to The Forsaken.

(Alamara) #151

I’ve been using “Redeemed” but didn’t knew it’s a proper name, I thought I had invented it myself, lol.

And I think they’ll indeed be undead “redeemed” by Calia, ascending and being restored to a new form.

(Syegfryed) #152

it could have a better outcome if the fanbase used their energy to ask possible races and not waste in one who they said no for bfa

just saying we could have vrykuls by now.

Still think they are garbage with no purpose and no appeal

(Alamara) #153

People will ask for what they want. There’s no purpose in asking for something you don’t care about.

Also, how would shut up about something that is lacking help in any way? To shut up about high elves is to say void elves were fine. They were not.

You got fat humans slightly descended from vrykul, be happy with that. “Shut up and ask for other thing”, by your own logic.


Hey, you already said junker gnomes!


(Syegfryed) #155

You just are proving my point. If the community only advocate for one thing, that they already said no by this expansion, blizz will do what they want, because there is no feedback or requests for other races the community want.

Thats why the “redeemed” will prob be a thing, no feedback or discussion saying “no we don’t want this” or “don’t do it its stupid”


If I recall correctly, the Sethrak are using the Worgen skeleton, though I don’t think they are likely. The other option could be the original Night Elf Worgen, which I would personally love but could see how it would be difficult differentiating from the standard Worgen.

(Honeymoon) #157

Not sure where this strange insistence on San’layn keeps coming from. They were basically wiped out in WotLK, haven’t been active — or even seen — up until now, and the couple that do have a minor appearance in BFA only turn up in a short Alliance quest chain, where they’re killed off.

As for the vulpera, the Alliance haven’t been killing them at all. In fact, the Alliance’s entire interaction with that race is pretty much just scaring them off and burning their supplies during one of the Vol’dun invasion quests.

The questgiver literally says that the Alliance “have no quarrel with the little fox people”, but insists that they can’t be allowed to supply the Horde, and so explicitly tells you not to kill them while destroying the caravans.


I’m not really an advocate for more elf races. The only way I’d be ok with it is if horde got Naga that had a night elf form. (Or something like it.) I’m sorry, but I never want to see San’layn. Ever.

I feel like Mecha/junker gnomes are a possibility. Mechagnomes would be awesome, the new junker gnome models are a bit… :man_shrugging:

Personally Alliance is way overdue for something cool. Lightforged kind of ruined the chances of Broken Draenei, but they still have Jinyu, Mechagnomes, Wildhammer Dwarves (Dwarf druids anyone?)

(Alamara) #159

There’s no “community want”. It’s foolish to expect “the community” to backup your wishes, because “the community” is just a collection of individuals with their own interests. Just like you are bashing our wish for high elves, there’s a lot of people that couldn’t care less about vrykul.

Only in some rare cases there will be any requests that will rally “the community” behind it.

(Bhelldark) #160

I think they’ll be added in 8.2.5: vulpera for hord and mechagnome for alliance. I dont think they’ll do sethrak because of the models, would require a lot of work to adapt all the armor on them.

(Syegfryed) #161

Zandalar and maghar were requests who rally “the community”, vulpera is going in the same route

it can be done.